Wednesday, August 19, 2015

DIY Funny Mens Shirt Idea: Accounting Calculator Shirt

Have you ever noticed that accountants get made fun of a lot in the movies and tv?  If they need a nerdy person on a show, they make him an accountant.  It makes me laugh so much because my husband is an accountant.  I love making him super funny shirts that make us laugh.

This is where I got the saying, from Park and Rec.  This still makes me laugh so much!  

It was super easy to make. I just cut out the vinyl for the design and then removed the letters (instead of the extra vinyl) to make the stencil.  I used fabric paint and painted the letters.
funny-mens-shirt (2)
Once it was all dry, I put the numbers onto the calculator.  Then I painted them a little darker blue.
funny-mens-shirt (3)
And that's it!!  Super easy and fun!
funny-mens-shirt (6)
It just makes me laugh and smile :).
funny-mens-shirt (5)

Here are a couple more shirts that I have made my husband:
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Old School Accounting

old school accounting shirt (2)