Monday, August 10, 2015

DIY Gym Bag and Earn Rewards for Healthy Choices

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I like to think that I am a pretty healthy person.  I exercise regularly and try to eat healthy.  It's a life style that I am really starting to enjoy but there are times in my life that I need a little more motivation because staying on course is challenging.  You put so much time and effort into trying to be healthy but the rewards may seem small and it can get discouraging.  Well Walgreens has an app that rewards you for your healthy choices!  It's a great way to keep yourself motivated and to set goals.  You can get points for doing healthy things, like exercising, losing weight, having good blood pressure and more.  

Another thing that helps me when I'm down and unmotivated is getting something new.  Now I can't do this every time I get unmotivated but it sure helps to get/make something new so I am excited to use it!  My gym bag is pretty rough, gross and it's coming apart.  So I decided it was time for a new one, but I wanted one with lots of pockets and super cute.  So I made one.  It's perfect for all of my gym stuff.  It's going to be strictly my gym bag so in order to use it, I have to get to the gym, hopefully that will get me to the gym more :). 
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This is how I made the bag.
The first thing I did was cut the outside fabric.  I cut 5 pieces, 4 of them are the sides and 1 is for the bottom of the bag.  I cut 2 pieces 17"x14", 2 pieces 7"x14" and then the bottom piece 17"x7".
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Because I wanted lots of pockets, I decided to make two pockets for the outside.  I like the look of the clear pockets, so I got some thick vinyl and cut it to be 8 1/2"x 8 1/2".  I then cut the chevron fabric to make a little border.  I cut that fabric 18"x 3" (the one strip is for both pockets).
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I folded and ironed the fabric to make some bias tape and then put it over the clear vinyl and then sewed it on.
#ad DIY-Gym-Bag #RewardHealthyChoices (4)
I then cut two pieces of fabric 4" x 44", these are going to be the straps and will connect the pocket to the bag.  I folded the strip in half (inside out) and then sewed it up.  I then turned it right side out to make the strap.
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I put the pocket onto the gray fabric and then put the straps onto the it.  I then sewed the straps on.  I did that to both of the gray pieces of fabric.
#ad DIY-Gym-Bag #RewardHealthyChoices (6)
For the inside of the bag, I cut 5 more pieces of fabric (just like the gray ones before) but this time in a cute chevron fabric.  Just like the gray ones,  I cut 2 pieces 17"x14", 2 pieces 7"x14" and then the bottom piece 17"x7".
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I wanted some pockets in the inside of the bag too, so I cut a piece of fabric that was 17" x 22" and then folded it in half.  I then sewed it onto the chevron fabric, right down the middle of the pocket.
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For the other side, I made another pocket (that piece was cut 11" x 18").  I folded that fabric in half and then sewed it onto the fabric on the sides.  I always added a little strip of elastic and I sewed that onto it (it is under the pocket a little bit).  The elastic is to hold my water bottle so it doesn't fall over and spill all over my bag.
#ad DIY-Gym-Bag #RewardHealthyChoices (8)
Once all the sides were compete, it's time to put together all the 5 pieces.  I matched up each gray piece with the same sized chevron piece.  I put the front of the fabrics together and then sewed the three sides together (leaving the top open).  Then I flipped it right side out and then did a top stitch on the top to close up the sides.  
#ad DIY-Gym-Bag #RewardHealthyChoices (9)
I then put together the sides.  I put one of the side pieces onto the larger front/back piece (with gray fabric facing each other) and then sewed it together on the side. I did that for all 4 of the pieces (except the bottom piece).
#ad DIY-Gym-Bag #RewardHealthyChoices (10)
Here is the bag with the bottom.  
#ad DIY-Gym-Bag #RewardHealthyChoices (11)
Finally I turned it inside out one more time and sewed the bottom piece on.  I did this the same way as the sides (having the gray fabric facing each other) and I just worked my way around until the bottom is completely on.
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And that's it for the bag!!  Look at all of those fun pockets!  I'm excited to organize all of my gym stuff.
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Now that my gym bag is complete, I needed to go get some things to fill it, so I headed to Walgreens to get some things.  There are a few things that I needed to put in there that I didn't have in my other one, like Band-Aid® bandages and Neosporin®.  
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Here are the things that I picked up.  My kids go to the gym with me, so it's important for me to have these on hands because even if they aren't bleeding they like to have a Band-Aid® on.  And Motrin®, it is my hero when I exercise regularly, I take it daily when my body aches from the hard work (right now it's my shoulder from lifting weights) so I like to have it so right before a class I can take some.  And of course hand sanitizer is a no brainer :).
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I put the stuff in to my cute bag, along with my phone and the Walgreens Balance Rewards for healthy choices app and I'm ready to hit the gym.
#ad DIY-Gym-Bag #RewardHealthyChoices (17)
And here is the inside with my gym stuff, loving all the pockets to hold my phone holder and other gym stuff in.
#ad DIY-Gym-Bag #RewardHealthyChoices (19)
If you have been making healthy choices, then you need to get the Walgreens Balance Rewards for healthy choices app!  If you are already exercising then you can login and enter them in!  The points that you get will turn into credit to Walgreens when you get enough.  The app helps you to stay motivated and see your progression and monitored your behaviors that can effect your health.  Also having an app reminding you of your goals (like a goal weight) and seeing it instead of just thinking about it helps to keep you on track.  I have had it for several months now and it's been so nice to be rewarded for things that I am already doing.  Plus it saves me money on things that I need and love.
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Right now  you can earn 2,000 Walgreens Balance Rewards points ($2 reward) when you buy any two J&J Healthy Essentials participating products from 7/26/15-8/29/15.  So now is the time to get back onto track and get healthy!  

What things do you do to stay healthy and to stay motivated?  I would love to hear them! 


Janet Krugel said...

My son keeps me motivated because he has so much fun when we go mall walking. He gets free reign of our little abandoned mall and I get a kick out of watching him be excited to exercise. [client]