Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Easy Baby Gift Idea- DIY Baby Onesies

Babies.... oh I love babies.  That is probably why I have 5 kids...  I just adore babies.  There is nothing like a newborn baby, so sweet, so cute, so little, so helpless.  I remember when I was having babies and older women would stop me and tell me to cherish those babies because they grow up too fast.  I'm pretty sure I looked at her in my "mombie" (it's a mom zombie) state and thought she was crazy for saying something like that.  But now as my youngest is getting older and I am not going to have anymore babies, I do miss it. I miss my babies, that's for sure.  There are times that I wish I would have cherished them more, gotten more baby portraits or just enjoyed the moments that they were in rather than wishing that they were older, or would sleep better.  Because at some point, you do miss the baby stage.  So for all of those people who have babies, enjoy them :).  And for all of you who don't have babies but know of someone that is having one- here is a super easy idea of a gift to give them, because no baby can have enough onesies :).  

I made these for my sister in law who just had her first baby boy.  I wanted to do something fun for her, so I grabbed a pack of white onesies and whipped out my Silhouette and made 5 different and fun onesies.  

I did several different techniques for the onesies.  

For this one, I cut out vinyl and then used it as a stencil and painted it.  For a full tutorial on how to do this- go here.  
Easy-Baby-Onesies-Gift  (4)
For the next one, I did an applique with the fabric interfacing and heat transfer vinyl.  I cut out a big L and then put his name, Ledger on it (super cute name, huh?).   For a full tutorial on how to cut fabric with a Silhouette, go here.  
Easy-Baby-Onesies-Gift  (5)
I did the same thing for this one, just with a little bow tie.  I love the simplicity of this one :). 
Easy-Baby-Onesies-Gift  (8)
My SIL and BIL and huge Batman fans, so I had to do something with Batman.  So I used some heat transfer vinyl and layered it.  For a full tutorial on how to do that, go here.  
Easy-Baby-Onesies-Gift  (6)
And lastly I did a quick one with heat transfer vinyl and put a pair of sunglasses on it.  
Easy-Baby-Onesies-Gift  (7)
Aren't they all so much fun?!?!  I love all the different styles and designs.  They were super easy to make and they are so much cheaper than buying 5 individual onesies. 
Easy-Baby-Onesies-Gift  (1)


chelsea said...

As the sister-in-law, I can say these are some definitely awesome onesies! :)