Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Storage Solution for Small Bathrooms- DIY Bathroom Shelves

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I love our house, it's a great and amazing house and it's a house that I have been waiting my whole life for.  Even though I love my house, there are a few draw backs with it.  For example, it doesn't have many closets.  The master and two bedrooms upstairs have huge walk in closets that are AWESOME, but there are no closets in the bathrooms, no coat closet or linen closet.  I have had to be creative to make up for the lack of those closets.  Our downstairs/guest bathroom is a very small bathroom.  It's a 3/4 bathroom and when we moved here only had a pedestal sink and absolutely no storage.  For the first year here it wasn't a big deal because everyone had their bedrooms upstairs.  But now that my oldest son is downstairs, it was time to change up the bathroom and figure out a solution for the lack of storage in there.  So we built some shelves.


Here is our bathroom before: 
As you can tell, there's not much happening in there.
House pictures 8-30-14 (47)
It has this nook, which is the perfect place for the shelves.  Before it was just wasted space, but now it's actually doing something.  We can store our bathroom things in it and it also gives the bathroom some much needed color and character. It's a win win!  Plus they were super easy to make and only cost about $25, woot woot!

DIY-Shelves-For-A-Small-Bathroom (2)
This is how we did it:
We bought some wood (the one is that already finished and white).  We bought two pieces- one that was 15 3/4" x 96" and one that was 3" x 96".  We were able to build 4 shelves with the wood.  We cut the main shelf pieces to 14" x 17".  Each shelf needed a piece of the 3" wood, so we cut those to be 17" (that will be in the front of the shelf) with our table saw.  And then each shelf needed 3 smaller pieces that will go under the shelf that supports the weight.  The one that goes in the back of the shelf was cut to be 1 1/2" x 17" and the two smaller ones that one of the sides were cut to 1 1/2" by 13 1/4". 
DIY-Shelves-For-A-Small-Bathroom (5)
We took the three smaller 1/2" strips and nailed them into the wall.  This will support the weight of the shelf.
DIY-Shelves-For-A-Small-Bathroom (6)
We did that for all the shelves.  Then we started to put the shelf onto it.  We nailed them directly into the smaller pieces.
DIY-Shelves-For-A-Small-Bathroom (7)
Then we put the 3" pieces onto the front of the shelf.  This makes it appear to be a nice chunky piece of wood.  Plus it hides the smaller pieces.
DIY-Shelves-For-A-Small-Bathroom (9)
I filled in all the nail holes with wood filler and then painted it white.
DIY-Shelves-For-A-Small-Bathroom (11)
And that's it!  So easy to do.  It only took us an evening to do it, from start to finish.
DIY-Shelves-For-A-Small-Bathroom (13)
I added some fun decor and rolled up towels to give them some color.

DIY-Shelves-For-A-Small-Bathroom (18)
And of course baskets to store things in :).
DIY-Shelves-For-A-Small-Bathroom (1)

Here are some shelves that I made in my toilet room in my master bathroom using this same technique but with a wider piece of wood in the front to make it look more chunky.

I updated my shelves (I painted the bathroom).  Here is what they look like now:

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