Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Disney Party Game- Disney Scattergories Printable

I love animated movies.  I think it's the kid in me.  But I could watch the good ones over and over again (I have, trust me).  I especially love the Disney ones, they are just so good. I remember when I was in high school my friends and I would go to each other's house and watch the Disney movies like Tarzan and Mulan (those are the ones that came out at that time).  We just loved them!  There have been so many great Disney movies, that I thought that it was time to make a Disney version for Scattergories.  I made an LDS version last week that was a big hit, so I thought that this Disney version would be super fun to play too.  It would be perfect for a party or for just playing (because sometimes the cards get boring).  

I made up some answer sheets and then some Disney lists. I made 8 different lists so you can play the game a few times :).  You can get the answer sheet printable here and the lists here. I also made up a rule sheet printable, you can get that here.  

Disney-party-game-Disney-Scattergories-printable (1)
I printed out the lists and then cut them out with my paper trimmer.  I cut them to be 3 5/8" x 5 3/8".
Disney-party-game-Disney-Scattergories-printable (2)
For the answer sheets I cut the paper in half, so making them 8 1/2" x 5 1/2".
Disney-party-game-Disney-Scattergories-printable (4)
Here it is all put together.  
Disney-party-game-Disney-Scattergories-printable (6)
If you've never played Scattergories before, it's a very simple game.  You roll the dice to get a letter.  If you don't have a letter die, you could use random number generator and have it picked a number from 1-26 and then use that letter (for example, if you get the number 5, you would use the letter E for the game).  Then you start the timer (usually for 3 minutes but you can add or subtract time depending on your age group) and then begin writing words or phrases that begin with the key letter.  Then after the three minutes is up, everyone goes through their answers and if anyone has the same answer they have to cross it off their list. For every answer you get and no one else has you get a point and then you add up all your points in the game.  Highest points win.  Oh and you can get double points, for example if the question is athlete and you say Barry Bonds, because both words start with B you get two points.  For names you can either have the first or last name begin with the letter.  Like for famous ginger, you can put Taylor Swift  and that is acceptable for both T and S.  You can also print out the rules that I made here.  

Here is an example of list one that I did with letter A.  
Disney-party-game-Disney-Scattergories-printable (5)

Let me know what you think about the game if you play it.  If the lists are too hard or too easy.  I would love to hear your feedback :).

Check out this other version I made:
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LDS-Church-activity-game-idea-LDS-Scattergories-Printable (8) 
Disney themed notebooks (10)


Stephanie Ruether said...

Thank you SO much for your effort and your sharing! I can't wait to play this with my children!

The Strange One said...

This is such a good idea :) thank you so much I'm going to play it with Disney Society at my uni