Tuesday, September 1, 2015

DIY Minecraft Home Décor: 2x4 Creeper Book Ends

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My boys are starting to get quite the collection of Minecraft books and I love it (whatever to get them to love reading, right?).  When I built the Minecraft crafting table, I wanted to make some shelves to go above to help keep it more organized.  Instead of just putting the books into a basket, I thought it would be fun to make some creeper book ends.  They were so EASY to make and I LOVE how they turned out.  They may be my favorite thing about the whole homework station.


This is how I made them.
I look a 2x4 and cut it.  I cut one piece 8” and then cut another piece 1 5/8”.  I then cut that piece in half, making a 1 5/8x1 5/8 piece (you could also use a 2x2 but I didn’t have any at the time, so I improvised).  Each creeper needs a body and two feet (technically creepers have 4 feet, so you could do it with 4 feet, I just wanted the books to lay flat against the back of the book end).
Easy-DIY-Minecraft-Creeper-Book-Ends (2)
Using a nail gun (we attempted screwed and it didn’t go so well) we nailed the feet onto the body.
Easy-DIY-Minecraft-Creeper-Book-Ends (3)
Then I painted it green.
Easy-DIY-Minecraft-Creeper-Book-Ends (4)
I cut out some black vinyl with my Silhouette CAMEO and then put it onto the wood.
Easy-DIY-Minecraft-Creeper-Book-Ends (5)
And that’s it!!!  They are so easy to make, only took about 10 minutes to make (minus drying time).
Easy-DIY-Minecraft-Creeper-Book-Ends (7)
They make perfect book ends too. 
Easy-DIY-Minecraft-Creeper-Book-Ends (13)

Easy-DIY-Minecraft-Creeper-Book-Ends (12)
Don’t they look so fun up on the shelf??
Easy-DIY-Minecraft-Creeper-Book-Ends (11)

Easy-DIY-Minecraft-Creeper-Book-Ends (1)


Jason said...

Nice job, what color green paint did you use?

Kaysi said...

I don't remember what color it was but I think I might have just mixed a couple acrylic paints together