Friday, September 25, 2015

Don’t be Hangry! Monster SNICKERS(R) Candy Bars with Printable

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I love food.  I love eating.  There is no denying it :).  It is so funny to me when people say that they forgot to eat lunch or breakfast because they were too busy.  That has never happened to me, there is no way I could forget about eating, I enjoy it too much!  One major reason why I don't forget to eat is because when I don't eat and become hungry, I become a monster!  Seriously a MONSTER! I have no patience and little things just tick me off.  I start yelling for no reason and am so grumpy.  I have found that this happens to my kids when they are hungry too, they become little monsters.  Sometimes we just need food to become human again.  Something like a SNICKERS® bar :).  The sweetness and chocolaty goodness always brings me back to my human state and the peanuts give me some protein that I'm always needing to keep going.

I made these cute little monster SNICKERS® bars to remind me that when I get that feeling that I am becoming a monster and need some food, I need to take a moment and break and just enjoy the candy bar.  I am going to have them in my pantry and when I can see that someone is being a little monster, I can give it to them so they feel better :). 
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I picked up several of the SNICKERS® candy bars at Walmart.  I got them in the check out aisle. 
This is how I made them:
I took the regular sized SNICKERS® candy bars.
#ad Don't-be-hangry-Monsters-SNICKERS®-candy-bars #EataSNICKERS (2)
Then I cut card stock into 4 1/4"x 4 1/4" squares to put around the candy bars.  I used a glue gun but I didn't let it get super hot so it wouldn't melt the chocolate. 
#ad Don't-be-hangry-Monsters-SNICKERS®-candy-bars #EataSNICKERS (3)
Here are the candy bars all wrapped with the paper.
#ad Don't-be-hangry-Monsters-SNICKERS®-candy-bars #EataSNICKERS (4)
I then cut out some hair, arms and legs with my electronic cutter.  You could easily cut them out with scissors though, they are very simple shapes.  I then glued them onto the candy bars.
#ad Don't-be-hangry-Monsters-SNICKERS®-candy-bars #EataSNICKERS (6)

Next came the faces.  I used vinyl for that but they could easily be drawn on or cut out of paper or you could use googly eyes. I just put the vinyl on like stickers (I didn't use transfer paper). 
#ad Don't-be-hangry-Monsters-SNICKERS®-candy-bars #EataSNICKERS (8)
And now the monsters are complete, aren't they so fun and cut?  I love how they turned out!
#ad Don't-be-hangry-Monsters-SNICKERS®-candy-bars #EataSNICKERS (9)
Next I put on the printable that I made.  I just printed them out and cut them down and glued them onto the back of the monsters.  I made the printable in  4 different colors.  You can get the printable here.  
#ad Don't-be-hangry-Monsters-SNICKERS®-candy-bars #EataSNICKERS (12)
And that's it!!  So easy to make and so much fun!  
#ad Don't-be-hangry-Monsters-SNICKERS®-candy-bars #EataSNICKERS (1)
How fun would these be at a party?  I know that I will be making more of these for sure! 
#ad Don't-be-hangry-Monsters-SNICKERS®-candy-bars #EataSNICKERS (15)

What are you like when you are hungry?  Do you get hangry (I do!).  Take this fun quiz to see who you become when you're hungry.  Then let me know what you get! I took it and found out that I am a princess when I'm hungry, ha!!  Makes me laugh because that is definitely NOT like me at all.  Goes to show you that you aren't yourself when you are hungry!

Make sure to check out their website to get more ideas on what to do with SNICKERS® bars!  Lots of fun ideas over there :).  And here are couple more recipes with SNICKERS® to help combat your hunger!

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