Thursday, September 17, 2015

LDS Scattergories Game Printable- Perfect for Church Activity or FHE

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*I also made a Disney version of the game, go here to get it*

Most of you know that I am LDS (aka Mormon).  Well recently I got a new calling (it's like a job in our church) and I'm the new chairman for the Relief Society meetings.  We have an activity monthly and so I get to come up with ideas to do each month.  Well recently we just had two new wards added to our stake and in that we lost and gained people.  This is our first activity that we have had with the new ward, so I'm going to be doing a very low key getting to know you kind of activity.

One of my favorite games to play with people who I'm trying to get to know is Scattergories.  It's just a fun game (it's one of my favorites).  It takes creativity and there is a lot chit chat in it, so I just love it.  Well I thought that it would be fun to make up an LDS version of it.  Us Mormons have a lot of weird and quirky things that we understand (if you're not LDS, I bet that the first paragraph is pretty confusing).  Plus we have a LOT of activities in our church and I thought that this game would make a perfect activity.  It's a great game for a lot of ages, so it would be great for adults, for the Young Men and Young Womens and even Activity Day girls (or Cub Scouts) would enjoy it too.  And it would be perfect for an FHE activity!  I made it so you don't have to have the game Scattergories to play.  


I made up some printables, so all you really have to do is print and cut, super easy!  I made up 8 lists and then answer sheets.  You can get the lists here and the answer sheets here.  If you access to a copier, I would use it.  I would print off one copy and then copy the rest (it would take a lot of ink if they were all printed).  I also created a little how to play sheet so you can print it out if there are people who don't know how to play.  You can get that here.  
LDS-Church-activity-game-idea-LDS-Scattergories-Printable (1)
For the lists I printed them on card stock (so they last longer) and then cut them down to be 3 5/8" x 5 3/8". 
LDS-Church-activity-game-idea-LDS-Scattergories-Printable (2)
For the answer sheets, I cut them 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" (basically cut the paper in half).  
LDS-Church-activity-game-idea-LDS-Scattergories-Printable (3)
I wanted to keep the answer sheets together, so I made them into a tear away pad.  All you do is line up the edges and then put some hot glue onto the edges. 
LDS-Church-activity-game-idea-LDS-Scattergories-Printable (4)
Using a craft stick I flatten the edge.
LDS-Church-activity-game-idea-LDS-Scattergories-Printable (5)
And that's it!  Now the answer sheets are like a tear away pad :). 
LDS-Church-activity-game-idea-LDS-Scattergories-Printable (6)
And that's it for the game, all you have to do is print and cut, told you it was easy :). 
LDS-Church-activity-game-idea-LDS-Scattergories-Printable (8)
If you've never played Scattergories before, it's a very simple game.  You roll the dice to get a letter.  If you don't have a letter die, you could use random number generator and have it picked a number from 1-26 and then use that letter (for example, if you get the number 5, you would use the letter E for the game). Or you can roll 4-5 dice and have the total number be the letter of the alphabet.  Then you start the timer (usually for 3 minutes but you can add or subtract time depending on your age group) and then begin writing words or phrases that begin with the key letter.  Then after the three minutes is up, everyone goes through their answers and if anyone has the same answer they have to cross it off their list. For every answer you get and no one else has you get a point and then you add up all your points in the game.  Highest points win.  Oh and you can get double points, for example if the question is athlete and you say Barry Bonds, because both words start with B you get two points.  For names you can either have the first or last name begin with the letter.  Like for Latter Day Prophet, I put Heber J Grant and that works because his last name begins with G, but it would have also worked for H.   You can also print out the rules that I made here.  

So here is an example I did with list one and the letter G. 
LDS-Church-activity-game-idea-LDS-Scattergories-Printable (7)
If you have any other ideas for lists, let me know because I can make more lists and add them to printables!  And if you do play the game, please let me know how it goes, I would love to have some feedback :).

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Sarah Rogers said...

Kaysi, I love your LDS Scattergories, especially all the excuses for being... not late, just on Mormon Standard Time. =) There's one typo in list seven: ordinances is missing an n. Thanks for sharing your creative genius!

dar and chay said...

i just printed this off for FHE tonight. I'm so excited to have a new game and activity. Thanks alot!

Celeste Denson said...

This is awesome! Thank you!

Vickie DeWaal said...

I found a used (very Slightly) game at a thrift store and everything was in the box, including the answer cards! All I had to do was print the lists and instructions! Thank you, great Christmas idea!
Vickie D

Ines Becerra said...


kim bennett said...

totally doing this for Activity days!!! Im not making it as nice... I got a last minute call and remembered this!!!! thank you so much!! I think they will like this and will help us re learn some things!! I added a few things because we live where we are "a VERY PECULIAR PEOPLE" - so for one I put- makes mormons so peculiar, places not want to go on a mission- celeb you wish was lds- funniest lds term- nicest lds person you know-

just a few..... thanks so much I think the girls will LOVE IT

Miss L R said...

Really like it but please - pretty please - will you amend #1 on List Seven to read ORDINANCES instead of ORDIANCES?

Thank you and keep up the tremendous work :-)

Allison said...

Thank you for sharing this! I am going to adapt it to use for my Youth Sunday School lesson today!

dmorganfam said...

Thank you for sharing! Our girls are excited to play this.

Liv said...

We have used this to play LDS scattergories as a family more times than I can count! Thank you!

HeatherA said...

THANK YOU so much for this. We are going to use it in YW this week. Thanks for taking the time to share your talents with the whole world of YW!!