Thursday, September 3, 2015

Minecraft Bedroom Idea- Easy DIY Minecraft Shelves

If you have been reading my blog this week, then you know that my boys love Minecraft and that I have been making them a homework station in their bedroom.  After I built their crafting table, I wanted to build some shelves for the wall to help them organize everything. I decided to do some very simple and easy shelves.  I love how they turned out and they are so nice to have up on the wall to help organize their room!

This is how I made them:
The first thing I did was painted some pieces of wood that were 12"x42" gray.  

Then with my Silhouette I cut out a design of squares.  Everything was random this time.  I cut it out of vinyl.
Easy-DIY-Minecraft-Shelves (3)
Instead of just cutting the vinyl, I cut straight through the backing paper too.  I set the blade at a 4 (instead of 2) to do it.  
Easy-DIY-Minecraft-Shelves (5)
I taped the vinyl onto the wood (with the backing paper on) and then painted all the different squares different colors: black, dark gray, light gray and white.
Easy-DIY-Minecraft-Shelves (6)
I rotated the vinyl sheet and continued to paint the squares onto the board.  Once again, very random.  But I did use the same paint with each square (so the colors would mix onto the board). Then on the edges I painted little squares, once again randomly,

Easy-DIY-Minecraft-Shelves (7)
Once it was all dry, I screwed each shelf onto mounting brackets and then onto the wall.
Easy-DIY-Minecraft-Shelves (8)
The design is supposed to look like cobblestone or gravel.  
Easy-DIY-Minecraft-Shelves (10)

Easy-DIY-Minecraft-Shelves (11)
I decorated the shelves with some of their toys, some buckets and the creeper book ends that I made. 

Easy-DIY-Minecraft-Shelves (13)
Here's another view of it.  You can see the large Minecraft signs I made for them last year.  
Easy-DIY-Minecraft-Shelves (15)
And here it is with the crafting table.  We all LOVE how it looks in their room and they are excited to do some homework on it.