Thursday, September 10, 2015

No Bake Apple Shaped Cake Batter Truffles

It's apple season!!!  Now that I live in Washington, I have to like apples, right?  Actually I love apples and I love being able to go to all the different orchids around here and pick apples (honey crisp are my favorite!).  Thinking about apple season got me in the mood for apples.  I haven't been to an orchid yet, so I thought I would make some fun apple shaped treats for my kids this week to keep in the spirit of apple season :).  They are super easy to make and turned out so good and cute!


This is what you need:
1 package white cake mix (I like the ones with sprinkles)
4 TBS milk
1/3 cup oil
No-Bake-Apple-Shaped-Cake-Batter-Truffles (2)
1) Mix the dough together and then round them into balls and put them on wax paper.
2) Put into freezer for 30-40 minutes.
No-Bake-Apple-Shaped-Cake-Batter-Truffles (3)
3) Melt some green and red candy melts and then dip the cake batter balls into the candy melts.
No-Bake-Apple-Shaped-Cake-Batter-Truffles (4)
4) Place onto wax paper.  Then dip a pretzel into the green candy melts and stick into the cake batter ball (before the candy shell hardens). 
No-Bake-Apple-Shaped-Cake-Batter-Truffles (5)
I made both red and green apples.  For the red apples I put some of the candy melts into a sandwich bag, melted them, cut the tip of the bag and use it to make leaves. 
No-Bake-Apple-Shaped-Cake-Batter-Truffles (6)
And that's it!!  This is what they look like inside.
No-Bake-Apple-Shaped-Cake-Batter-Truffles (14)
They are so much fun!  They could be made for a party or an easy snack.  You can make them apples, or you could just cover them with chocolate.  Either way, they are super yummy and super easy to make! 
No-Bake-Apple-Shaped-Cake-Batter-Truffles (9)


Atta Girl Amy said...

These look so cute (and tasty), Kaysi. We love going apple picking, too. And honeycrisp are my favorite, as well. Wish they were available all year round!