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School Themed Snack Idea- Striped Delight Cups with Printable

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I love a good, yummy treat.  I mean, who doesn't love it?!  Every once in awhile I love to surprise my kids with something super yummy and sweet.  Now that school has been going for a few weeks, the excitement of it all has died down, so these school themed treats are great to get the excitement back.  I know that my kids are working hard everyday at school and that sometimes they just need a special treat.  These Striped Delight cups were perfect for that!  They were so excited to eat them and have a special decorated cup just for them.  
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I headed to Walmart to get the ingredients for the Striped Delight.  I found the Go-Paks! in the front of the store by the check out stands.  
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Here are the Go-Paks! that I got.  They have some of my favorite cookies and treats in them.  They are so good and are the perfect size for a snack.  I love to put one in my kids' lunches every once in awhile too.  It's a fun treat for them!  Plus they are only $1, so they are a great price!  I can get several different flavors and stock up.
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This is what you'll need for the Striped Delight
For the crust:
2 packages of Go-Paks! TEDDY GRAHAMS
4 TBS butter (melted)

For the whipped cream layer:
3/4 can Reddi-wip
3 oz cream cheese
2 TBSP milk
1 tsp sugar

Snack Pack® pudding cups
1 package of Go-Paks! Mini OREO
1 pack of Go-Paks! Mini OREO Golden Sandwiches

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This is how I made them:
I emptied a few of the Go-Paks! cups and reused them for the desserts. They are plastic so they are great for dessert cups.   I rinsed them out and then put some paper, baker's twine and a cute printable onto them.  I just used a glue gun to put them on.  You can get the printable here.  
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1) For the  bottom layer of the Striped Delight, I used the TEDDY GRAHAMS.  I put them into a little grinder and crushed them up.  Then I added the melted butter to them. 
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2) Next I crushed up the Mini OREO cookies.  I didn't do it as finely so there were some chunks of cookies in the dessert. 
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3) For the whip cream layer, I added the cream cheese, milk, sugar and then the Reddi-wip into the little blender and blended it up.
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Now it's time to make the layers into the cups.  
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4) I started with the graham layer, I put that in and then pressed it down.  Then I put a couple spoonfuls of the whip cream layer onto it. 
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5) Next I put some of the Mini OREO cookies onto the whip cream layer.  And then I put one Snack Pack® Pudding cup onto the cookies.  Then I put them into the fridge for about 30 to an hour.
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6) While I was waiting for the dessert to cool and set, I made little apples out of the Mini OREO Golden Sandwiches.  I melted some red candy melts and then dipped the cookies into the candy melts.  I then put them onto wax paper to cool down and harden.
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7) I added some green stems to them when they were cool and hard.  I put the green candy melts into a sandwich bag and cut the tip off of it to make a little decorating bag. 
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8) Once the Striped Delight had cooled and set, I topped the dessert off with some Reddi-wip.
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9) Then I added the little apples.
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And that's it!! They were so amazing and yummy!!  My kids (and myself) really enjoyed the sweet treat! 
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These would be perfect for Halloween too.  Just make some little pumpkins instead of apples :).  
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Make sure to check out more amazing recipes using these fun Go-Paks!  What is your favorite after school snack?  I would love to hear it! 

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