Thursday, October 29, 2015

Easy Disney Frozen Tote Bags- Elsa, Anna and Olaf. Perfect for Treat or Trick Bags

Halloween is just around this weekend and instead of going and buying a few Halloween buckets, I decided to whip up a few Frozen tote bags for trick or treating, since we are going with a Frozen theme this year.  My daughter will be Elsa, my son Olaf and me- Anna.   We are going to use them for trick or treating but then I'm going to let my little girl use them for a purse or just a tote bag or a fun book bag.  Really you can do anything with it :).  

This is how I made them:
I used some felt sheets and tulle for the bags.  For Elsa, I used a light blue, a turquoise and a light blue tulle.  For Anna I used a royal blue, black and pink tulle.  For Olaf, I used two white sheets and then some black and orange.  

easy-Disney-Frozen-Tote-bags-Elsa-Anna-and-Olaf (2)
The first thing I did was sewed the two colors together for the Anna and Elsa bags.  I cut off 3 inches off of the black and blue felt.
easy-Disney-Frozen-Tote-bags-Elsa-Anna-and-Olaf (3)
Then I sewed the bags together (you just put the fronts together and sew up the three sides).  I then added a 1.5 inch strip of felt onto the top to make the handle.
easy-Disney-Frozen-Tote-bags-Elsa-Anna-and-Olaf (4)
Then for the fun part, I decorated the bags to make them look like the characters.  For Elsa, I glued the blue tulle around the tops, added some pretty white trim and foam snowflakes.  For Anna I added the pink tulle on the top and then added some gold trim.  And then for Olaf, I cut out his face with the felt and just glued it on. 

And that's it!!! Super easy to make and they are so much fun!  Please they are really inexpensive! 

easy-Disney-Frozen-Tote-bags-Elsa-Anna-and-Olaf (13)

easy-Disney-Frozen-Tote-bags-Elsa-Anna-and-Olaf (14)


Oliva Ohlson said...

Your trick or treat bags are adorable!!! My sis-in-law would love them. She's always making cute stuff for her adorable granddaughters. I will share this with her!!! Have a wonderful week!