Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Get Well Gift Basket with Kleenex Brand and Printable

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It is definitely cold and flu season and it's time to get ready for it.  I've already gotten a cold twice this year and it's not fun!  I know that when I am sick there are certain things that I just need to comfort me and make me feel better.  I thought that it would be fun to make a fun get well gift basket for someone who is sick, made with Kleenex Brand tissues, food, printable and a movie.  I know that when I don't feel good that some kind of gesture like this would be amazing!  

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Of course the first thing I bought for the get well basket is Kleenex Brand tissues, because you know that they will be blowing their nose, so it's time to be prepared.  Plus the softness of the Kleenex Ultra Soft Tissues feel so much better on the nose when it's red and sore.  I got them at Walmart pharmacy section because right now you can get a $5 Vudu credit when you purchase the 4 pack of the Kleenex Brand tissues. All you have to do to redeem the $5 credit is purchase the item and then take a photo of your receipt and text  CAREPACKAGE to 811811 for submission instructions.  Allow 48 hours for processing.  
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For the gift basket I thought it would be fun to include some fun suckers because they help with a sore throat.  I then decided to make them into a flower.  So I wrapped 6 suckers with white fabric and 1 in teal fabric.  I used a wrapper to cut the fabric into the right size.  Then I taped the fabric onto the stick.
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I arranged it into the flowers and then taped the sticks together and wrapped it with green baker's twine.  Then I printed out this fun printable to go with it.
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I put the flower sucker and Kleenex Brand facial tissues in a cute basket along with a few other essential things to make someone feel better: chocolate, chicken soup and a $5 old school movie (it could be a comedy or sappy love story, either way it's fun to have something fun to watch). 
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Next time you hear that a friend is sick, think about making them something to make them feel better.  Even just bringing them some Kleenex facial tissues would be a nice gesture and appreciated!  Half of us miss opportunities to help the people that we care about, this is a great way to not miss that opportunity! 
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What are some of the essential things you need to have when you are sick?  I need some kind of sweet treat, a warm fuzzy blanket and Kleenex facial tissues near by!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kleenex Brand.