Thursday, October 1, 2015

Halloween Decor Idea- Paper Straw Wreath

It's October!!!  Time to start decorating for Halloween, woohoo!  This year I actually waited until October (well yesterday, but that's close enough) to decorate.  I have seen these paper straw wreaths quite a bit and I have always wanted to make one.  When I found these super cute Halloween straws at the dollar store, I knew that I wanted to make a wreath out of them, so I did and I love the outcome!


This is how I made it:
I took some cardboard and cut a circle out of it.
Halloween-decor-idea-paper-straw-wreath (1)
Using my glue gun, I started gluing the straws around the card board.
Halloween-decor-idea-paper-straw-wreath (2)
Once I had all of the striped straws glued on, I put the spider webbed ones on next.
Halloween-decor-idea-paper-straw-wreath (4)
And here it is all with all the straws on it.
Halloween-decor-idea-paper-straw-wreath (6)
I cut out an orange circle with my silhouette and I also cut out a spider web out of black vinyl.
Halloween-decor-idea-paper-straw-wreath (7)
I put the vinyl onto the orange circle and then glued it onto the straws.
Halloween-decor-idea-paper-straw-wreath (8)
And that's it!!  I put it onto the frame that I made a few years ago and glued a big spider onto the frame.  
Halloween-decor-idea-paper-straw-wreath (10)

Halloween-decor-idea-paper-straw-wreath (12)
Here it is with all of my other Halloween decor, like my spiderweb table runner, paper straw spider and Halloween plate
Halloween-decor-idea-paper-straw-wreath (14)
And here is a close up, I love the colors and designs of the straws, they just make me happy!
Halloween-decor-idea-paper-straw-wreath (11)

Have you decorated for Halloween yet?