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SNICKERS(R) Apple Salad Recipe and Halloween Candy Wrappers with Printable Jokes

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Halloween is getting closer and closer and I'm getting more and more excited about it!  Now that it's October I feel like I can do Halloween related things and people don't think I'm a crazy person :).  My kids are loving all the Halloween themed food and treats that they come home too.  And I love the excitement that they get when I surprise them with something special I make them.  With all the Halloween candy being out in the stores now, I thought that it would be fun to buy a bag of it and make a fun treat with it!  And since it's apple season, I thought that it would be extra fun to create a treat inside an apple.  But not just any kind of apple, but a Frankenstein apple.  
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This is what you'll need for the SNICKERS® Apple Salad
1 tub whip cream
1 package vanilla pudding
2 cups milk
4-5 medium apples, 3-4 large apples
4-5 SNICKERS® candy bars (or 12-14 Fun Size bars)

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1) Add the milk and pudding together and stir.
2) Thaw whip cream and add to the milk and pudding.  Stir and refrigerate while you cut the apples and candy.
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3) Cut up the SNICKERS® bars and 2-3 of the apples (the other ones will be turned into Frankenstein) and add to pudding.
4) Stir and refrigerate for 1-2 hours before serving.
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Right before you serve the salad, make the Frankenstein apples.
5) Cut the top of the apple off and then using a knife and fruit baller, take the inside of the apple out.  You can cut up inside of apple and put it into the salad if you want to.  Put a little lemon juice in the apple to make it not brown as quickly.
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6) Using chocolate candy melts (melted) add two brown M&M's® onto the sides of the apple and then draw a face with the candy melts.  Put into fridge  for a couple minutes to harden it. 
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7) Add a couple spoonfuls of the salad into each apple.
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8) Top with whip cream and some bits of the SNICKERS® bar.
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And that's it!!!  A treat you can eat the whole thing, yum!!  These were a huge hit with the kids
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Since I was in the mood for Halloween and had some Halloween candy left over, I thought it would be a perfect time to start "BOO'ing" my neighbors and friends.  So I made these super fun BOO kits for them.  
#ad Halloween-candy-bar-wrappers-with-Halloween-jokes-printable #BooItForward

This the fun MARS® bag that I picked up for the SNICKERS® apple salad and then for the BOO kit.
#ad Halloween-candy-bar-wrappers-with-Halloween-jokes-printable #BooItForward (2)
I found it at Walmart and all the other ingredients at Walmart.  The candy was in the front of the store by the check outs. 
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This is how I made them: 
Since I love to make everything Halloween themed, I turned the candy into Halloween characters using this printable I made.  There are 5 different faces for them, you print the witch and Frankenstein onto green paper, the pumpkin onto orange and the ghost and mummy on white. 
#ad Halloween-candy-bar-wrappers-with-Halloween-jokes-printable #BooItForward (3)
For the SNICKERS® (and other MARS® Fun Size bars) I cut the paper to 2 1/2" by 3 5/8".  For the TWIX® and M&M's® I cut the paper 3" x 3 5/8".  
#ad Halloween-candy-bar-wrappers-with-Halloween-jokes-printable #BooItForward (4)
I wrapped the paper around each of the candies (for the M&Ms® I folded the bag in half and put the paper around it) and then glued it.  They are pretty fun huh?
#ad Halloween-candy-bar-wrappers-with-Halloween-jokes-printable #BooItForward (5)
For the witch and the mummy you have to do a little more. After I wrapped the printable around it, I added a little hat to the witches.  For the mummies, I cut some white strips of paper, put them onto a brown stamp pad and then glued the strips onto the mummy, to make it look like it had wraps. 
#ad Halloween-candy-bar-wrappers-with-Halloween-jokes-printable #BooItForward (6)
And finally I added a joke to each of the candy bars.  My kids are at the age that they love jokes and it's so fun to joke with them, so I figured that a lot of kids would like these cheesy jokes.  Most of these are original jokes made up by me, so they are pretty bad ;).  You can get the printable for that here.   I also made the jokes bigger so you can print them out and put into school jokes (that's what I'm going to do for my kids).  
#ad Halloween-candy-bar-wrappers-with-Halloween-jokes-printable #BooItForward (7)
And that's it for the fun candy bars, aren't they fun??
#ad Halloween-candy-bar-wrappers-with-Halloween-jokes-printable #BooItForward (9)
Now time to put together the BOO kit.  You can get this fun BOO printable on the MARS® website.  All you have to do is print out the two pages and then:
  1. Cut out this "We've been BOO'd sign.
  2. Fold the "You've been BOO'd" greeting card (page 2) and tape openings together.
  3. Include the card and sign when gifting BOO bundles.
#ad Halloween-candy-bar-wrappers-with-Halloween-jokes-printable #BooItForward (11)
I also picked up these adorable Halloween cans for the BOO kit, aren't they so much fun??  I didn't have to do anything to them because they are already all monstered up.  There is a coupon for these and the candy, you can get $2.00 off of one 6 pack of 8oz. cans or two 2 liter bottles.  Make sure to print it off before they are gone.
#ad Halloween-candy-bar-wrappers-with-Halloween-jokes-printable #BooItForward (12)
I found some fun buckets and then put all the things inside.  I also added some fun paper straws and some washi tape to the card. 
#ad Halloween-candy-bar-wrappers-with-Halloween-jokes-printable #BooItForward (14)
The kids and I had a fun time putting these on our neighbor's door step!!
#ad Halloween-candy-bar-wrappers-with-Halloween-jokes-printable #BooItForward (23)

What is your favorite Halloween candy?  I love anything with chocolate :).  Make sure to check out all the other great BOO kit ideas, they are a lot of fun!

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I love this post!! So cute! I'm going to make that salad!
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