Tuesday, November 24, 2015

DIY Date Night Clutch

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Date night is one of those things that I absolutely love, but with 5 kids I don't get to do it very often.  It's not the easiest to find a babysitter or even a day that we don't have something going on.  But when we do go out on a date, I like to look good (and not like a zombie like I usually do every other day).  I have an everyday purse but when I go out on a date, I don't need to drag around a big purse filled with diapers, wipes, sippy cups and random toys and hair clips from my kids.  Sometimes I want to just have something simple, small and it holds the essentials.  So I decided to make myself a cute little date night clutch.  It's just the right size and the big bow in the front makes it really easy to hold it. 
This is how I made it:

I used some thicker gray fabric, two different coordinating fabrics and a gray zipper. 

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I cut the gray pieces to 9 1/2" by 6 1/2" and the patterned fabric is 10 by 14".
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I folded the patterned fabric in half, then sewed it together (with the front sides facing each other).  Then I flipped it right side out and using a needle and thread, I gathered the middle the fabric together.
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I then cut a piece of fabric that was 3 1/2" wide and about 6" long.  I then folded it in half (fronts together) and sewed it together.  Then I flipped it right side out and then put it around the bow and sewed it onto the bow with a needle and thread.
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I put the bow onto a piece of gray fabric and then sewed the sides onto it.
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Now for the liner.  I cut two pieces of fabric 9 1/2" x 6".  I folded part of the gray over the liner and then sewed it to the gray fabric.
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Next I sewed the zipper onto the gray fabrics.  I laid them flat onto the zipper and then sewed it together.
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Here is what it looks on the other side.
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I then folded it together and then sewed the sides together.  I rounded the edges on the corners and then trimmed the edges.
#ad DIY-Date-Night-Clutch #BehealthyForEveryPartofLife (12)
I then flipped it right side out and that's it!!!  It's all done and I love how it turned out!
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Here is the inside of it.  I'm glad that I went with  coordinating fabrics for the liner and the bow.
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Now time to fill it up with some essentials.  I picked up some ChapStick Total Hydration, Advil Liqui-Gels and Emergen-C.  ChapStick Total Hydration is 100% natural, age defying, and has omega 6 and 9.  Advil Liqui-Gels is tough on pain, like muscle ache, head ache and joint pain, make sure to use as directed. Emergen-C has over 20 variety of vitamin supplement drink mixes and it gives you more healthy days and more healthy nights.
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I got them from Walmart.  I found the new ChapStick Total Hydration on the end cap display, the Advil with the other pain relievers and the Emergen-C was on display on the end cap too.
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I put them into my clutch, along with some cash and I'm ready for date night!  I chose these three products as my essentials because I always have chapped lips (especially in the winter time) and the ChaptStick  Total Hydration is amazing and makes them so much softer and they don't crack as much. I got the Advil Liqui-Gels because I always seem to have a headache (due to my back problems and allergies) and the Liqui-Gels are perfect for date night because I don't have an hour or more to start to feel better, I want to feel better quickly.  Make sure to use as directed.  And lastly the Emergen-C is perfect because I always get water at restaurants and the little packet is perfect to put into there and give it a little more flavor and of course the vitamins are nice too!
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They all fit perfectly in my clutch.
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I can throw on a cute skirt, some fun boots and I'm ready for date night!
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What kind of things do you take with you for date night?  Make sure to check out this website for more inspiration for date nights essentials.  


Cathy Mini said...

Adorable DIY tutorial--thanks for sharing! I love the pattern on the fabrics you used, and I'm a total sucker for anything with teal in it!