Wednesday, November 4, 2015

How to Remove and Install a Kitchen Moen Faucet

Disclosure: I was given product from Moen in exchange for this post.  All opinion are 100% my own.  
For the past few months we have been upgrading our main floor.  We were getting sick of the builder's grade stuff (and having the same features as every other house on the block).  When we first moved into our house, I knew that I wanted to change up our kitchen faucet.  It's a nice faucet but because the sink is really shallow so it's really hard to get a big pot under the faucet to fill with water when I'm cooking (several times I have spilled water because of it, so annoying).  I have been looking and waiting until I found the perfect faucet.  Well I found the perfect faucet, it's call the Delaney with MotionSense and it's awesome!  It fits perfectly with the style of our kitchen, it makes it look so much more fancy now!  Plus the installation of it was super easy to do! 

So here is our old faucet.  Very plain, so it had to go.

how-to-install-a-kitchen-faucet #spon (2)

This is how you remove a kitchen faucet.
• First thing you do is turn off the hot and cold water under the sink.  Make sure to have a bucket or a bowl under there to catch the water.  Turn on the faucet to see if the water is turned off.
• Remove the hoses connecting to the water.  You will need an adjustable wrench for that.
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• Once the hoses are off, then you will have to unscrew the faucet from underneath the sink.  The sides holes just had a plastic nut that you can unscrewed with your hands.  The middle one is screwed in so you will need a screw driver to remove the screws.  Then you can twist off the nut.
how to remove and install a kitchen faucet #spon (2)
• Once it is all unscrewed, you can just lift it off.  If you have a faucet that has a sprayer with it, you will have to remove the weight before you can pull it out.  And that's it for removing it, pretty easy!
how to remove and install a kitchen faucet #spon (4)
Now for the fun part, installing the new Moen faucet, woohoo! The faucets come with detailed instructions, so make sure to follow those.  But here is a run down of what to do, so you can get an idea before you install it :).  All you need is an adjustable wrench and a screwdriver.
how-to-install-a-kitchen-faucet #spon (3)
• First thing you do is put the faucet into the holes of the sink.  There is a black piece that goes under the sink so you don't need plumber's putty (nice, huh?).
how-to-install-a-kitchen-faucet #spon (4)
•Using the tool that is included and a screwdriver, screw the faucet into the sink.
how to remove and install a kitchen faucet #spon (5)
•Put the hose through the faucet and attach the sprayer.
how-to-install-a-kitchen-faucet #spon (5)
• Connect the motor to the faucet (it's pretty cool that his faucet has a motor!).
how-to-install-a-kitchen-faucet #spon (6)
• Connect the water hoses to the water and turn on water.  The hoses have o-rings so you don't need thread tape.
• Put the reflex weight onto the hose that goes through the faucet.
• Put the batteries and remove the sensor sticker and turn on.  Then wait a minute and then you get to try it out.

And that's it for the installation.  It doesn't take long at all.  It even comes with a soap dispenser too.  All you have to do to install it is screw it in under the sink, very simple!
how-to-install-a-kitchen-faucet #spon (8)
I absolutely love how it looks in my kitchen.  I love the design and color and I love that it's a spot resistant stainless steel.  And the coolest part, it turns on automatically.  When you put your hands (or an object) in front of the sensor it turns on until the object is gone.  Or you can swipe your hand over the top of the faucet and it will turn on continuously until you swipe over it again to turn it off.  And of course you can turn in on manually too.  It's so nice to not have to touch the faucet to wash my hands, especially when I'm dealing with chicken or something dirty like that.
how-to-install-a-kitchen-faucet #spon (11)
I love that it's in a statement piece in my kitchen.  It's looks so good as you look in.  
how-to-install-a-kitchen-faucet #spon (9)
And with how high it goes up, I will not have a problem with filling pots now, which will be so nice!!
how-to-install-a-kitchen-faucet #spon (10)
Here is a quick video to see how it works and to see how awesome it is! :)

We updated our counters and the Moen faucet still looks amazing!

Moen has a huge variety and selection of faucets, so make sure to check them out!!