Thursday, December 3, 2015

Christmas Place Settings- 2x2 Wood Santa and Reindeer

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I have found that my kids LOVE when I make something just for them, with their names on it!  It's not very often that we do big fancy dinners, only on Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Easter.  I love to do some kind of place settings for those dinners, just for fun.  I made some turkey and pumpkin ones for Thanksgiving one year and they were so much fun, that I thought it would be fun to make ones for Christmas this year.  So I made some 2x2 wood Santas and reindeer.  They turned out so cute I love how they look!  They are going to go perfectly with our personalized dinner plates

This is how I made them:
I took a 2x2 piece of wood and cut them to 4" long using a miter saw.  Then I painted them brown and red. 

I had so much fun making the cute little Santa hats!  For the hats I took some red felt and cut it into a 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 inch square.  Then I cut it in half into a triangle.  
Christmas-2x2-Santa-and-Reindeet-Place-Settings (3)
Using a glue gun, I put some glue onto the corner of the back side and then folded the felt over to make the corner meet up with the right corner.   That starts the cone shape. 
Christmas-2x2-Santa-and-Reindeet-Place-Settings (4)
Then I put some glue onto the felt and then rolled the cone towards the glue. 
Christmas-2x2-Santa-and-Reindeet-Place-Settings (5)
Then I cut off part of the cone to make it more even.  
Christmas-2x2-Santa-and-Reindeet-Place-Settings (6)
Then I glued some pipe cleaners and a pom pom onto the hat.  
Christmas-2x2-Santa-and-Reindeet-Place-Settings (7)
For the reindeer antlers, I took some craft sticks and then broke them into pieces.  Then I added some gold sparkle washi tape onto them (you could also just paint them).  Then I glued them together into the shape of an antler. 
Christmas-2x2-Santa-and-Reindeet-Place-Settings (9)
I then cut out some shapes with my Silhouette out of vinyl.  
Christmas-2x2-Santa-and-Reindeet-Place-Settings (10)
Now it's time to put the pieces onto the wood.  For the Santas I put on the hat, the beard and then some black ribbon and a gold belt buckle.  For the reindeer, I glued on the antlers and then the vinyl for the faces. 
Christmas-2x2-Santa-and-Reindeet-Place-Settings (11)
I added a face to the beard, a couple buttons and then I wrote the name onto the buckle. 
Christmas-2x2-Santa-and-Reindeet-Place-Settings (17)

I drew a mouth onto the reindeer, added some baker's twine, a bell and a tag with the name on it. 
Christmas-2x2-Santa-and-Reindeet-Place-Settings (15)
And that's it!!  Aren't they so much fun?!?!  I love how they turned out and I can't wait to use them on Christmas Eve for our big dinner.