Tuesday, December 8, 2015

DIY 2x4 Star Wars R2D2 Book Ends

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The new Star Wars movie is coming soon, woohoo!!!!  Are you super excited about it?!?!  We are!  So excited that I decided that I needed to make some fun Star Wars book ends for my boys' room!   These were super easy to make and super inexpensive to make, they are just made out of 2x4s and 2x2s, paint and vinyl!  If you don't want to have them be book ends, they are still super cut on a shelf or table! I think that these are great for someone of any age too, I could see them on a book shelf in an office :) Oh and if your kids love Minecraft, make sure to check out my Creeper book ends that I made! 

This is how I made them:
For each R2D2 I cut 1 2x4 8 inches, 2 2x2 5 inches and 2 2x2 4 inches. 
Star-Wars-R2D2-Book-Ends (17)
For the feet (the 4" pieces) I wanted to make them at an angle.  So I cut off the ends at a 30* angle with my miter saw
Star-Wars-R2D2-Book-Ends (18)
For the body/head, I wanted it to be rounded (you could do this with a band saw if you really wanted it rounded) so I cut off the corners.  I did it at a 45* angle.  I then sanded it down to make it a little more round, especially around the edges. 
Star-Wars-R2D2-Book-Ends (19)
Here are all the pieces cut and sanded. 
Star-Wars-R2D2-Book-Ends (20)
I put the legs onto the feet and then nailed them together with a nail gun
Star-Wars-R2D2-Book-Ends (22)
I then put the legs onto the body and nailed it in.  I left a gap at the bottom.  If you are super handy, you could attempt to make the body move, not sure how, but I'm sure it could be done :). 
Star-Wars-R2D2-Book-Ends (23)
I then painted them white
Star-Wars-R2D2-Book-Ends (24)
For the head I used silver vinyl (you could easily paint it with silver paint, I just didn't have any).  I cut the vinyl to be 3 1/2 inches wide and 3 3/4 inches long (I cut two of those) and I put those on first.  Then I cut a strip that was 1 3/8 inches wide and put it on the top.  
Star-Wars-R2D2-Book-Ends (25)
Then using my Silhouette CAMEO, I cut out some shapes for the design and then put those onto the body.   You could also paint on the designs (I didn't because I really stink at drawing or painting). 
Star-Wars-R2D2-Book-Ends (28)
Then with a paint marker, I drew some more shapes to finish up the design. 
Star-Wars-R2D2-Book-Ends (29)
And that's it!!  They were so fun to make! 
Star-Wars-R2D2-Book-Ends (3)
They look so great on my son's shelf above his desk.
Star-Wars-R2D2-Book-Ends (11)
We even have a countdown going for Star Wars and for Christmas. 
Star-Wars-R2D2-Book-Ends (9)
They do a great job holding up all of those Star Wars books and other books. 
Star-Wars-R2D2-Book-Ends (6)
I had to put on our light sabers we made last week too.