Keeping it Simple: DIY Glowing Star Wars Light Sabers

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

DIY Glowing Star Wars Light Sabers

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Star Wars is coming!!!  Are you excited about it??  With a house full of boys, we are definitely excited about it!  We LOVE the Star Wars movies.  My sister is throwing her son a Star Wars birthday party this weekend and we were talking about party ideas and favors. So to get my kids even more excited about the movie, I decided to make them some GLOWING light sabers.  They were soooo easy to make, plus they were super inexpensive (about $1.25 each).  Plus they are so stinkin' cool.  These are pretty for birthday parties, for costumes or just for fun.

I picked up some glow sticks at the dollar store.  They have super long ones now that are just perfect.  They had a variety of colors, but I decided to stick with the Jedi colors, blue, green and purple (can't forget Mace Windu). Then I got some pipe insulation foam to go around the bottom of it. I got 3/8" size.

DIY-Glowing-Star-Wars-Light-Sabers (1)
I cut the foam to 6 inches.
DIY-Glowing-Star-Wars-Light-Sabers (2)
The glow stick is little too small for the foam, so I wrapped the bottom of it with some yarn and glued it onto the glow stick. Then I put some glue directly onto the yarn and then glued it into the foam (you don't want to put the glue directly onto the foam, it will melt a hole into it, learn from my mistake :) ).
DIY-Glowing-Star-Wars-Light-Sabers (3)
I put the glow stick into the foam, pulled the paper to expose the adhesive and closed it.  Then with silver and red vinyl, I decorated the handle to look like a light saber.  You could easily use duct tape to decorate it too.
DIY-Glowing-Star-Wars-Light-Sabers (4)
And that's it!! I cracked the glow sticks and let them glow!
DIY-Glowing-Star-Wars-Light-Sabers (7)
And of course the first thing kids do with it is fight with them!
DIY-Glowing-Star-Wars-Light-Sabers (9)


SewFantastic said...

Thank you so very much. We just made these today for a star wars themed birthday party. Great idea!!!