Monday, March 30, 2015

Warm Weather Drink Recipe- Amazing Berry Lemonade Slush #PourMoreFun

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The weather is starting to get warmer and we are enjoying the outdoors!  It  has been in the 70s here and it's so wonderful!  When the weather gets warm my kids start begging for yummy Popsicles and cold slushes.  This berry lemonade slush is AMAZING!  Seriously it's so good and you will be surprise how easy it is to make.  It takes a matter of minutes to make up a batch.   The batch will be enough for the whole family or for all the neighbor kids (we had some kids climb our fence so they could have some today!).   The combination of the new Country Time Lemonade Starters and fresh fruit is perfect! 

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I headed to Walmart to pick up the new Country Time Lemonade Starters.  I found them in the drink aisle along with all the other drink mixes.  
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There are three new flavors- Berry Lemonade, Classic Lemonade and Half Lemonade and Half Iced Tea.  They are super easy to use and you can make a single cup of lemonade or you can make a pitcher of it.  Plus they are super affordable because one bottle makes up 24 servings and all you have to do is add water.  
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This is what you will need for the slush:
4 1/2 Tbsp Country Time Lemonade Starter in Berry Lemonade
3 cups Water or Lemon Lime Soda
Strawberries, sliced
4-6 cups of ice

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Add the ice to a blender and then add fruit. 
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Add the water/soda and then the Berry Lemonade.  Blend until smooth.  
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And that's it!  You can add some lemon slices into the drink or just have it on the side of the cup.  Either way, it's perfect for a beautiful and warm day! 
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My family absolutely loved these!  The flavor is amazing, it may be my favorite drink I've made ever!  We will be making these lots this summer, that's for sure! 
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What is your favorite drink for nice days?  Lemonade is definitely one of my favorites! 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Easter Snack or School Lunch Food Idea- Carrot Shaped Snack Bag with Printable

I am having so much fun putting fun Easter treats and snacks into my kids' school lunches this week.  And they are loving it too!  I have been putting in their normal foods, just making them Easter themed.  I found these awesome carrot shaped bags at our party store and I knew that I had to do something with them!  You can fill them with really anything because they are already orange but I decided to add Goldfish to them because my kids love them and I usually send a bag of Goldfish anyway.  

All I used were the bags, Goldfish, the printable I made and twine.  If you can't find carrot colored bags, you could use clear cone shaped bags and then fill it with Goldfish or other orange colored food.  
Easter-School-Lunch-Food-Carrot-With-Printable (1)
I filled the bags with Goldfish and then tied it off with twine.  
Easter-School-Lunch-Food-Carrot-With-Printable (2)
Then I added the printable.  If you don't get the pun of the printable it says I carrot (care a lot) about you.  Just a fun thing to send to your child.  
Easter-School-Lunch-Food-Carrot-With-Printable (4)

Easter-School-Lunch-Food-Carrot-With-Printable (5)

Here are a few other foods I have sent with my kids for lunch this week:
Duck-Fruit-Cup-with-Printable (6)

Easter-School-Lunch-Idea-Bunny-String-Cheese (5)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Easy Easter School Lunch Food Idea- Bunny String Cheese with Printable

Last year I made these fun bunny string cheeses and they were a huge hit!  So I thought this year I would make them for my kids' school lunches and then make a fun little printable note to go with them.  They are so fun to make and so easy.  Plus I know that my kids really enjoy getting something special in their school lunches! 
All you need is string cheese, some fun pom poms and paper and then the printable that I made.  
Easter-School-Lunch-Idea-Bunny-String-Cheese (1)
I cut out the ears with scissors out of the paper and then got some matching pom poms.
Easter-School-Lunch-Idea-Bunny-String-Cheese (2)
Using a glue gun, I glued them onto the string cheese.  Just make sure it's not too hot or it will burn the plastic and cheese.
Easter-School-Lunch-Idea-Bunny-String-Cheese (4)
I drew some faces and then added the printable.  That's it and super easy and cute!  Sure to bring a smile to your kids' face.  Plus, it's healthy!!  
Easter-School-Lunch-Idea-Bunny-String-Cheese (5)

Need another cute idea- check out these duck fruit cups

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Easter School Lunch Foods- Duck Fruit Cups with Printable

I think that it is so much fun to send something fun in my kids' school lunches.  It's just fun to surprise them every once in awhile with a fun note and a fun food.  These duck fruit cups are perfect for spring/Easter, plus they are healthy and I know that my kids will love them!  I made up a fun little printable to go with it them.  
I took some pineapple fruit cups, googly eyes and some orange vinyl to make the ducks.  You could easily draw them on or use paper.  I then printed out the printable and cut them into little tags.  
Duck-Fruit-Cup-with-Printable (1)
I put the vinyl on and glued the eyes onto the fruit cups.  
Duck-Fruit-Cup-with-Printable (4)
And that's it!!  You could glue the tag on or just put it into their lunch boxes (that's what I'm going to do).  Either way, I'm sure it will put a smile on your child's face to see it!  
Duck-Fruit-Cup-with-Printable (6)

Here are a couple more ideas that I put into my kids' school lunches this week:

Easter-School-Lunch-Food-Carrot-With-Printable (4)

Easter-School-Lunch-Idea-Bunny-String-Cheese (5)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Apple SNICKERS® Delight with Homemade Creamy Caramel Sauce #WhenImHungry

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Does anyone else become a monster when they are hungry?  There are days that I get so busy that I forget to eat or I forget to have a little afternoon snack and then I get super grumpy and I get irritated very easily.  Sometimes I just need something tasty to get me back to being "human" again.  I have an amazing apple and SNICKERS® recipe that helps me fight that hunger and that monster inside me!  

Are you guys ready for this AMAZING recipe?  Seriously it's one that is so good that everyone in my family gravitates to it and we all just down it before we even know it!  It's so good and so easy to make, plus it uses SNICKERS® Almond candies in it, so you know that it's going to be great.  
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I headed to Walmart to get the ingredients for it. I found the SNICKERS® in the candy aisle. 
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There are several kinds of SNICKERS® bars.  I ended up grabbing the SNICKERS® Almond, Peanut Butter Squared and SNICKERS® Extreme because they all look super yummy!
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This is what you'll need for the recipe:
2-4 apples, sliced
SNICKERS® Almond bars, any size
Hot fudge
Sliced almonds
6 oz. of caramel candies
3/4 cup whip cream
#ad Apple-SNICKERS®-Delight #WhenImHungry (14)
1) First heat the caramel candies and whip cream on the stove on low heat.  Stir constantly until all is melted and smooth.  Put aside.
#ad Apple-SNICKERS®-Delight #WhenImHungry (1)
2) Slice apples and place onto dish.  You can make them thicker slices like I did or you can make them thinner.
#ad Apple-SNICKERS®-Delight #WhenImHungry (2)
3) Cut up the SNICKERS® Almond bars into little pieces and spread onto the apples.
#ad Apple-SNICKERS®-Delight #WhenImHungry (3)
4) Add the sliced almonds.
#ad Apple-SNICKERS®-Delight #WhenImHungry (4)
5) Drizzle the hot fudge (warm up in microwave first) and warm caramel over the apples.
#ad Apple-SNICKERS®-Delight #WhenImHungry (5)
Let cool for 30 minutes and then enjoy!!  Seriously so amazing!
#ad Apple-SNICKERS®-Delight #WhenImHungry (6)
I've always loved SNICKERS® but I'm thinking that SNICKERS® Almond is my new favorite kind, I love the almonds in them!
#ad Apple-SNICKERS®-Delight #WhenImHungry (8)
Did I mention that this is amazing?  Because it really is!!  It definitely stopped my hunger! 
#ad Apple-SNICKERS®-Delight #WhenImHungry (9)

Who are you when you are hungry?  Do you become a crazy monster like me?  SNICKERS® wants to see what you are when you're hungry, so they are running a contest- the "Who are you when you are hungry?" contest.  All you have to do to enter it is upload a video or a photo from your computer,  Facebook or Instagram to here.  You can even create a meme using their SNICKERS® Meme Generator.  Voting beings at noon on May 11th and ends at 11:59pm on July 15th.  Sounds pretty fun huh?  Check it out to get more details on how to enter.

What your favorite SNICKERS® recipe?  Here is an awesome social hub that has a bunch of great recipes using SNICKERS® and fun stories, you should check it out!

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