Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Rice Krispies Treats® Baseballs

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This post has been compensated for by Rice Krispies Treats®.  All opinions are 100% my own.

When I was growing up, my older brother was in baseball for many years.  I remember spending countless hours at the ball parks with him, running around, exploring and just having fun!  I also remember having home fun derbies in our front year all the time with him.  It was so great.  I have fond memories of those days and of baseball.  Now that my kids are older they are in baseball.  My 3 oldest boys are all in it right now and it's been really fun to watch them learn to play and interact with the kids.  My husband is also the coach for one of my son's teams, so I thought that it would be so much fun to make up a fun treat from them for after practice.  Using Kellogg's® Rice Krispies Treats® I made some fun baseballs for the kids.  They were a BIG HIT (pun intended) and  the kids loved them!
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I got a couple of packages of the Rice Krispies Treats® and then some white and red candy melts. 
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These were really fun and easy to make.  First I took the Rice Krispies Treats® out of the package and then smashed them up into a ball.
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Then I warmed up the white candy melts.  I put them into a bowl and put them into the microwave for 30 seconds.  I then stirred it and then put it into the microwave again for 30 seconds.  I continued doing that until it was all melted and smooth.  Then using a fork, I dipped the Rice Krispies® Treats balls into it.  Then I put them onto wax paper to cool.
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Here they are all covered in white.  Let them cool completely before putting on the laces.
#ad Rice-Krispies-Treats®-Baseballs #GetKreative (6)
For the laces I used the red candy melts (melted the same way as the white ones) and then I drew on the laces with a tooth pick.  I attempted to use a sandwich bag with a little hole but I wanted them to have a little more detail and tooth pick worked the best for me.
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And that's it! Aren't they so much fun?
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They tasted amazing!  I knew that they would because I love Rice Krispies Treats®!
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You could also put the baseball onto a stick or a straw.  Perfect for a party!
#ad Rice-Krispies-Treats®-Baseballs #GetKreative (20)
If the laces seem like a bit much, just take an edible red pen and draw the laces on.  Either way, they look super cute and they will still taste awesome!
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 I brought the baseballs to baseball practice one day and the kids really enjoyed them!  

Right now Kellogg's® Rice Krispies Treats®, Major League Baseball® and Cal Ripken, Jr. have all teamed up to help families unlock the fun of baseball this baseball season.  Specially marked packages of Rice Krispies Treats® have a promotional code on them that you can enter at for a chance to play catch with Cal.  One lucky winner will get to play catch with Cal.   You can enter the promotional codes until July 1, 2015.  Plus until April 30, 2015 you can get another chance at hanging out with Cal during All-Star week.  All you have to do is submit a photo of you and your family enjoying Rice Krispies Treats® and use the hashtag #GetKreativeSweeps.  But hurry because it ends tomorrow!

If you don't win, don't worry because you can still get inspiration for family fun with Rice Krispies Treats® at There are lots of great ideas, like these baseballs, to #GetKreative and have fun family time during this baseball season! 

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kellogg’s® Rice Krispies Treats®.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Chipotle Ranch Onion Ring Burger Recipe #SpringIntoFlavor

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Do you guys have foods that you just love?  Like you can't get enough of them?  I don't know about you, but I have several foods that I just love :).  Potatoes are one of them.  I love potatoes.  I love them in any kind of style: raw, mashed, baked, fries, hashbrowns, tater tots.  I just love potatoes.  Luckily for me and my family, my husband works at one of the biggest potato farms in Washington, so it works out well for us :).  

Since it's getting warmer, we thought that it would be great time to grill outside and to make up an amazing chiopotle ranch onion ring burger and pair it with some rosemary fries from Alexia.  The whole thing is awesome.  It is by far my favorite burger that I have ever made.  And the rosemary fries, soooooo good.  They really hit the spot and reminded me why I like potatoes so much! 
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I headed to Walmart to get all the ingredients for the burger and fries.  I found the Alexia Rosemary Fries and Onion Rings in the freezer section along with all the other potato products. 
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Alexia fries are all natural and they only use high quality ingredients for them.  I got these two kinds but you can also get sweet potato fries too, yum! 
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To make the onion rings for the burger, I baked them according to the package.  Look at how big these are!  And baking them makes them nice and crispy! 
#ad Chipotle-ranch-Onion-Ring-Burger #SpringIntoFlavor (5)
For the chipotle ranch sauce, you will need this:
1 cup mayo 
1/2 cup ranch
2 TBSP dijon mustard
Juice from 1 lime
1 clove of garlic
1/2 can of chipotle peppers 
Salt to taste
#ad Chipotle-ranch-Onion-Ring-Burger #SpringIntoFlavor (1)
I threw everything into the blender and blended it up.  
#ad Chipotle-ranch-Onion-Ring-Burger #SpringIntoFlavor (2)
For the burger I used:
Chipotle ranch sauce
Grilled hamburger
Alexia Onion Rings 
#ad Chipotle-ranch-Onion-Ring-Burger #SpringIntoFlavor (6)
I put all of the toppings onto the bun and then poured on the amazing sauce over them.  The combination of the sauce and the onion rings made this burger AWESOME SAUCE! 
#ad Chipotle-ranch-Onion-Ring-Burger #SpringIntoFlavor (9)
And that's it!  So yummy!   
#ad Chipotle-ranch-Onion-Ring-Burger #SpringIntoFlavor (15)
I also added some rosemary fries to it and just enjoyed it!  We will definitely be having this meal again!  It was so easy to make and tasted amazing! 
#ad Chipotle-ranch-Onion-Ring-Burger #SpringIntoFlavor (14)

It was so good, that I ate every last bite of it!

Is your mouth watering yet??  What way do you like your potatoes best?  Fries?  Baked? Mashed?  Leave a comment, I would love to know! 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Taquitos and Taco Bar with Pico de Gallo and Cilantro Ranch #DelimexFiesta

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When I was growing up, when I thought about Mexican food, I just thought about tacos.  You know, the ones are you have a hard taco shell, taco meat, lettuce, tomatoes, olives and that's it.  I remember the first time I ever went to a Mexican restaurant was in high school and my eyes were opened. I seriously never even heard of an avocado or guacamole until I was in my 20s (crazy huh??) and now I love them on almost everything.   Once I moved out of the house and got married, Mexican food became a favorite in our house and something that we have frequently.  We love to make  Mexican food, especially around Cinco de Mayo.  One of our favorite things to have are tacquitos and tacos from Delimex.  They are easy to make and so amazing!  I made up some pico de gallo and cilantro ranch dressing to go with them and it made an awesome taco bar.  This would be a super easy meal to make up for a Cinco de Mayo party!
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Sunday, April 26, 2015

9 Pasta Recipes Perfect for Every Day Dinner {MMM #275 Block Party}

I am a HUGE fan of pasta and these recipes look amazing! You have to go check them out! 

Yummy and easy pasta dinner ideas and recipes
Who doesn't love pasta? It is so yummy, satisfying and quick making it perfect for every day dinners. Here are some awesome pasta recipes and crafts that you guys have shared.
Marissa from Rae Gun Ramblings here today and sharing a ton of awesome looking crock pot recipes. I don't know about you but lately I feel like I'm barely keeping up. Luckily I've been utilizing my slow cooker which has helped keep me sane so I figured I could use some more awesome recipes and you guys sure had tons to pick from!
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If you haven’t been over to my in a while here are some of my favorite posts from the last bit.
Now let’s see what your favorite things are that you have been posting! It’s time for the block party! Link up here and be linked up to 4 fabulous blogs all at once!
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Friday, April 24, 2015

Avengers Scavenger Hunt with the Super Heroes Assemble App and Doritos Taco Salad Recipe #AvengersUnite

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We are huge super hero fans in our house.  That is something that I always loved growing up (yeah I'm nerdy like that) and that is something that I want to enjoy with my kids.  Luckily for me, I have 4 boys and 1 girl, so it's super easy to get them to enjoy them too!  We all love The Avengers in our house, so much  that a couple years ago that was our Halloween costume.  Everyone is getting super excited to see all The Avengers stuff popping up in stores getting ready for the big new movie:  MARVEL's The Avengers: Age of Ultron.  Walmart and MARVEL have come up with a new Super Heroes Assemble App to make it fun and exciting for everyone!   
#ad Super-Heroes-Assemble-App-Scavenger-Hunt #AvengersUnite
This is the new app screen.  You can download onto your phone from iTunes or Google play store.  Whenever you scan a picture, you get to unlock something.  Sometimes it shows you more information about the characters or you can see a 360 experience about a character, it's really cool!  Some of them unlock an image of Hawkeye or Black Widow that stays on your screen  so when you take a picture, it looks like they are standing next to your kids, it's pretty awesome! 
#ad #AvengersUnite
There are lots of different foods that now have The Avengers on the packaging.  The images on them can be scanned to unlock the content.  There are also Kellogg's fruit snacks that have the Avengers on it too.  
#ad Doritos-Taco-Salad #AvengersUnite (1)
This is how the app works.  You push the discover button and then look at the characters that you want to unlock.  Once you click on the character, the camera will pull up with a image that you have to scan, like this picture of the Cheez-It box.  
#ad Super-Heroes-Assemble-App-Scavenger-Hunt #AvengersUnite (5)
You match up the image with your camera and then you have unlocked the character!  This one is for Iron Man! 
#ad Super-Heroes-Assemble-App-Scavenger-Hunt #AvengersUnite (7)
You can also do it through Walmart's website.  You just click on the image that says "unlock more epic content" and that will bring you to several different pictures.  
#ad #AvengersUnite
Just scan the picture and unlock the fun!
#ad Super-Heroes-Assemble-App-Scavenger-Hunt #AvengersUnite (11)
I thought that this would be a really fun idea to do with my kids as we are shopping at Walmart.  So I made a fun scavenger hunt printable so the kids can have something to do and look for while we are shopping.  Whenever we see a display like this, I'll let them unlock the character.  The kids loved it!  They were so excited to find another display.  I also thought that it would be fun to just have them look for the characters in the toys or on the foods.  Whenever they see Iron Man or Captain America on the box or bag of food, they can check it off on their paper.  It's a great way to keep them entertained so they can screaming or complaining the whole time you are shopping :).  
#ad Super-Heroes-Assemble-App-Scavenger-Hunt #AvengersUnite (13)
As we were shopping at Walmart I saw that they had a bunch of Doritos with The Avengers on them, so I thought that they would be a great thing to grab and have in the pantry.  Boy was I right!  Because I decided to make up a Doritos taco salad for dinner one night and it was ah-maz-ing!
#ad #AvengersUnite
This is what you'll need for the Doritos Taco Salad:
The Avengers Doritos- any flavor.  Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch is what we choose
1/2-1 pound of hamburger, browned
Taco seasoning- use about 1/2 of the regular amount 
Sour Cream
I browned the hamburger and added the water and taco seasoning (follow the instructions on the package for amounts) and then cut up all the different toppings. 
#ad Doritos-Taco-Salad #AvengersUnite (2)
I put the Doritos on bottom and then put the other toppings on top.  
#ad Doritos-Taco-Salad #AvengersUnite (4)
I paired it with a Thor Dr. Pepper 10 and it made for an awesome dinner!  Seriously, it was so good and so easy to make.  It took about 20 minutes to make it and it was a great and easy meal for my family.  Plus my kids LOVED that they were surrounded by The Avengers
#ad Doritos-Taco-Salad #AvengersUnite (3)

Does your family love The Avengers?  If they do, then you should download the new Super Heroes Assemble App, it's free and fun to use!  

Now I have to know, who is your favorite character in The Avengers?  Mine is Captain America, I love that he is genuinely a good guy, plus he's pretty easy on the eyes :).  

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

DIY Flower Play Rug Perfect For a Play Kitchen

This is the first house that we have ever had a decorated room for my little girl.  Her being the only girl in the family, she is going to luck out and never have to share a room!  So when I decorated her room I wanted to go all out and have fun it with.  I had a lot of fun (you can see more of it, here).   Her closet is a walk in closet and is really big, so we turned half of it into a little play kitchen.  When I was decorating the kitchen, I thought that it would be fun to make a little rug to go by her table in there.  The best part, it only cost me $1 and it was soooooo easy to make.  Plus I love how it turned out!

This is how I did it:
I picked up this rug at the dollar store.  Yes I said the dollar store.  I think they had them in the pet aisle.  It's a nice gray, so I picked it up and then decided to decorate it.DIY-Play-Rug-For-A-Little-Girls-Room (2)
The first thing I did was put these flowers on it.  I cut them out with my silhouette.  They are vinyl and just stuck them onto the rug.  Then using purple acrylic paint, I painted the whole rug.
DIY-Play-Rug-For-A-Little-Girls-Room (5)
I then took off the vinyl.  When you do that, you get this cute rug!!
DIY-Play-Rug-For-A-Little-Girls-Room (10)

And that's it!!  So easy to do and so fun!  
DIY-Play-Rug-For-A-Little-Girls-Room (13)

Here it is in her play kitchen.  Isn't her kitchen so great?  She loves it and I find her in there playing all the time!
tasyn closet