Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Easy Fall Sewing Project- Rag Table Runner

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Fall is here!! It's time to whip out all the fall colors and start decorating.  One of my favorite things to make for each season is a very simple and cute table runner for my long table.  It's a very simple and easy sewing project that anyone can make, especially if you have a good sewing machine.   I had one machine that I could not figure out the tension of the bobbin and it drove me nuts.  Everything that I sewed with it just came apart, it was frustrating and it took me 3 times as long to make because I was always trying to figure it out.  Anyways, it important to have a good machine :).  Although sewing is a fairly easy skill, sometimes you just need help.  Well luckily for us people have made some great videos tutorials to help out!  You should check them out!

Now for the tutorial for this fun table runner.


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fireplace Makeover with Mosaic Tiles

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We just recently discovered tiling (we were too chicken to do it before) and now we are hooked!  We tiled our kitchen back splash and loved it so much that we decided to tile our fireplace.  One day my husband said that he saw a fireplace with mosaic tile on it and really liked it and after he said that there was no turning back.  I'm the one that usually has to push for the projects, so I always jump on when he wants to do something!  It was actually really easy to do and it only took us about 24 hours to finish.  For a full tutorial on how to tile, check out my post here.  

Monday, September 28, 2015

Hair Hack: How to Remove Hair Elastics Quickly and Easily without Pulling Out Hair

My sister just told me about this trick this weekend I could not wait to tell you about it!!! It is one of those tricks that are awesome and are life changing!  My little girl has really thin hair, so some of the best hairstyles for her are ones that take a lot of little elastics.  But the pain of taking them out is NOT FUN!!  It hurts her and it pulls out her hair, it's frustrating for both of us.  Well no more, no more I tell you!!  I just have two words for you that solved our problems: SEAM RIPPER!  Yup it's true, it works so well and no more pulling out hair and taking forever to get them all out.  

So here is a video of it so you can see how it works.  As you can tell in the video, taking out the elastics doesn't phase her one bit.

And here's a picture that you can pin so you can remember :).

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Spooky and Frightful Halloween Drinks and Treats {MMM #297 Block Party}

It's officially Fall, so now is the time to really think about Halloween!  I'm excited for the holidays coming and being able to do fun themed crafts and recipes and treats!  If you need a good treat for Halloween, check out these 28 great ideas!

Friday, September 25, 2015

Don’t be Hangry! Monster SNICKERS(R) Candy Bars with Printable

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I love food.  I love eating.  There is no denying it :).  It is so funny to me when people say that they forgot to eat lunch or breakfast because they were too busy.  That has never happened to me, there is no way I could forget about eating, I enjoy it too much!  One major reason why I don't forget to eat is because when I don't eat and become hungry, I become a monster!  Seriously a MONSTER! I have no patience and little things just tick me off.  I start yelling for no reason and am so grumpy.  I have found that this happens to my kids when they are hungry too, they become little monsters.  Sometimes we just need food to become human again.  Something like a SNICKERS® bar :).  The sweetness and chocolaty goodness always brings me back to my human state and the peanuts give me some protein that I'm always needing to keep going.

I made these cute little monster SNICKERS® bars to remind me that when I get that feeling that I am becoming a monster and need some food, I need to take a moment and break and just enjoy the candy bar.  I am going to have them in my pantry and when I can see that someone is being a little monster, I can give it to them so they feel better :). 
#ad Don't-be-hangry-Monsters-SNICKERS®-candy-bars #EataSNICKERS

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Science Experiment- DIY Foam Volcano Perfect for Baking Soda and Vinegar

For my son's 10th birthday we had a big party all about natural disasters.  It was so much fun and it was full of experiments.  You can see the details here.   One of the experiments that we did was the classic baking soda and vinegar.  I know it's an oldie but it's awesome!!!!  Because I wanted it to look like a volcano, I made a fun foam volcano that was super easy to make.  Plus really looks like volcano, so it was a win-win.  This would make great for a school science fair. 
DIY Foam Volcano Perfect for baking soda and vinegar experiment

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Boy Birthday Party Idea- Natural Disasters Party with Experiments and Activities

My oldest is obsessed with natural disasters.  And when I say obsessed, I mean obsessed.  If you have a conversation with him chances are within a few minutes some kind of natural disaster will come up.  He has such a passion that when he goes up he wants to be a storm chaser or meteorologist.   It's amazing the things that he already knows about weather.  My husband was joking about the wind and how it's made, well my son corrected him and told a very detailed answer about how wind is actually formed.  It was very intelligent for a 10 year old.  Anyways, because he loves natural disasters so much I threw him a natural disaster birthday party for his 10th birthday.  We had SO MUCH FUN!!  Seriously, the kids loved it.  It's so nice when the kids get older, you give them a craft and then they can do everything themselves.  For the party we had four different science experiments/crafts that resembled natural disasters, including volcanoes, and earthquakes, tornado/hurricanes.  

And now it's time to check out the party!!  I included a bunch of videos to watch because they show the pure joy in the kids' faces.  They all had a blast. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Disney Party Game- Disney Scattergories Printable

I love animated movies.  I think it's the kid in me.  But I could watch the good ones over and over again (I have, trust me).  I especially love the Disney ones, they are just so good. I remember when I was in high school my friends and I would go to each other's house and watch the Disney movies like Tarzan and Mulan (those are the ones that came out at that time).  We just loved them!  There have been so many great Disney movies, that I thought that it was time to make a Disney version for Scattergories.  I made an LDS version last week that was a big hit, so I thought that this Disney version would be super fun to play too.  It would be perfect for a party or for just playing (because sometimes the cards get boring).  

Monday, September 21, 2015

School Themed Snack Idea- Striped Delight Cups with Printable

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I love a good, yummy treat.  I mean, who doesn't love it?!  Every once in awhile I love to surprise my kids with something super yummy and sweet.  Now that school has been going for a few weeks, the excitement of it all has died down, so these school themed treats are great to get the excitement back.  I know that my kids are working hard everyday at school and that sometimes they just need a special treat.  These Striped Delight cups were perfect for that!  They were so excited to eat them and have a special decorated cup just for them.  
#ad School-themed-snack-idea-striped-delight-cups #SnackandGo

Sunday, September 20, 2015

19 Fall and Halloween Decorating Ideas {MMM #296 Block Party}

It's fall!!  Time to whip out your fall and Halloween decorations!  Here are 19 great ideas to get your inspired and motivated :).  

Friday, September 18, 2015

Applesauce Apple Cinnamon Mini Bundt Cake Bar

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Fall is almost here!!  Fall is my favorite season, I love it!  I especially love the cooler whether.  It's so nice to be able to cook and bake and be able to turn on the oven without making my house feel like a sauna.  I also love all the fall flavors, especially apples!  I love apple picking and being able to go to the grocery store and getting to pick out apples that are from a fresh crop, woohoo!!  They are so great and affordable!  Since apples are in season, it's a perfect time to make this applesauce apple cinnamon bundt cakes.  They are AMAZING!!  These mini bundt cakes would be perfect for a fall party or for an afternoon snack.  Just make up the mini bundt cakes and then have a few options for toppings.  You will be the coolest! 
#ad Mini-Applesauce-Apple-Cinnamon-Bundt-Cake-Bar #BakeintheFun

Thursday, September 17, 2015

LDS Scattergories Game Printable- Perfect for Church Activity or FHE

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*I also made a Disney version of the game, go here to get it*

Most of you know that I am LDS (aka Mormon).  Well recently I got a new calling (it's like a job in our church) and I'm the new chairman for the Relief Society meetings.  We have an activity monthly and so I get to come up with ideas to do each month.  Well recently we just had two new wards added to our stake and in that we lost and gained people.  This is our first activity that we have had with the new ward, so I'm going to be doing a very low key getting to know you kind of activity.

One of my favorite games to play with people who I'm trying to get to know is Scattergories.  It's just a fun game (it's one of my favorites).  It takes creativity and there is a lot chit chat in it, so I just love it.  Well I thought that it would be fun to make up an LDS version of it.  Us Mormons have a lot of weird and quirky things that we understand (if you're not LDS, I bet that the first paragraph is pretty confusing).  Plus we have a LOT of activities in our church and I thought that this game would make a perfect activity.  It's a great game for a lot of ages, so it would be great for adults, for the Young Men and Young Womens and even Activity Day girls (or Cub Scouts) would enjoy it too.  And it would be perfect for an FHE activity!  I made it so you don't have to have the game Scattergories to play.  


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Turquoise Blue Pendant Lights: How to Dye Light Shades

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I have said this before and I'm sure I'm going to say it again, I love my house.  It's been a great house for us these past 16 months.  There are some things that I don't love about my house though and one this is the builder's grade lights.  They are just so plain and generic (plus everyone on my block has them). I have switched out a few lights (and plan to do more).  We have these two pendant lights over our bar.  I love the pendants lights but I don't love the shades.  I have always wanted to get some fun and funky lights for them but I couldn't find ones that I absolutely loved (that weren't $70+ each).  What I really wanted were some fun turquoise lights but I just didn't find anything. So I decided that I need to take matters into my own hands.  I decided to dye our lights turquoise.  And guess what, they look awesome!  The best part, it cost me ZERO DOLLARS!!!  Yup, I had all the supplies on hand (and I bet you do too).  And it only took about 5 minutes to do, you can't beat that!  Want to know how I did it?  Well I'll tell you :). 


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

How to Install a Kitchen Back Splash with Wavecrest and Mosaic Tile using Sticky Mat

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There are so many styles and trends that I love in houses.  One of those trends are kitchen back splashes.  For the past 5 years I have been wanting a kitchen back splash.  In our last house, we never did it because we would have had to change our counter tops too and we didn't have the money to do that.   We are now getting around to doing some home improvement things in our current house and I brought up doing a back splash again.  Well I found tiles that I just loved and so we did it.  And let me tell you, I do not regret it one bit!  I absolutely LOVE it!!  My kitchen isn't huge, it's nothing special but the back splash just adds so much to it.  I'm so glad that we did it and that!  

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Chicken Dinner Recipes {MMM #295 Block Party}

We love chicken at our house.  I can't wait to try some of these awesome chicken dinner recipes.

LOTS of yummy and unique chicken dinner recipe ideas

Thursday, September 10, 2015

No Bake Apple Shaped Cake Batter Truffles

It's apple season!!!  Now that I live in Washington, I have to like apples, right?  Actually I love apples and I love being able to go to all the different orchids around here and pick apples (honey crisp are my favorite!).  Thinking about apple season got me in the mood for apples.  I haven't been to an orchid yet, so I thought I would make some fun apple shaped treats for my kids this week to keep in the spirit of apple season :).  They are super easy to make and turned out so good and cute!


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Box Tops Holder Using Recycled Fiber One Box

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School has started and it's time to start collecting those Box Tops for your kids! Every year we do this for our kids. It's an easy way to help out the school without really having to do much. Usually I just have a sandwich bag on my fridge that I put the Box Tops into. It's worked, but sometimes it's nice to have something bigger and cuter to put them in. Plus sometimes the sandwich bag gets lost or thrown away. When there is a designated spot, then everyone knows where to it goes and they know that it's not garbage :).

I thought that the perfect container for the Box Tops would be a box. I love recycling boxes and this is a perfect project for them!

#ad Box-Tops-Holder-Using-Recycled-Food-Box #BTFE

Monday, September 7, 2015

Raise Money For Your Kids’ School- Bonus Box Tops at Walmart

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of General Mills®. The opinions and text are all mine.

I have three boys in elementary school this year and two kids still at home with me. I try to be an involved parent and help out with the school as much as I can. Because of my two little ones at home, I can't do much at their school (they don't allow me to bring my kids), but there are ways that I can help with their school, even if I can't volunteer my time at the school. I can collect Box Tops for my kids' schhol. This is something that I have been doing since my oldest (who is in 5th grade now) was in kindergarten. It's such an easy way to help out. Plus Box Tops are on foods that I already buy, so all I have to do is cut them out and collect them.

Right now Walmart has a variety of General Mills products that are Bonus Box Tops. Instead of just getting one Box Top that is worth $.10, you get 5 Box Tops! Woohoo! That means more money for your school!.

#ad Box-Tops #BTFE

We head to Walmart to pick up some of our favorite foods. We were so excited to see that the majority of our favorite General Mills foods had the Bonus Box Tops on them, like these cinnamon rolls. Can you tell that she is excited that we get to buy these and have them for our afternoon treat one day :).

#ad #BTFE (1)

Another food that we absolutely love is GoGurt®, my kids eat these up like crazy. We love them for snacks, for on the go and for school lunches. They were sure excited to see that these too had the Bonus Box Tops on them!

#ad #BTFE (2)#ad #BTFE (4)

There are so many kinds of foods that have the Bonus Boxus Tops on them, like cereal, Fiber One bars, yogurt, cinnamon rolls, fruit snacks, and much more!

#ad Box-Tops #BTFE (3)

Box Tops is one of the biggest loyalty programs that help out schools, more than 80,000 schools participates and more than $525 million has been donated since the launch of the program in 1996 (that's a lot of money!).

To me it's important to help out with the schools when I can. Plus it's important for me to teach my kids to do the same. A lot of times I let my kids cut out the Box Tops, they love it too! They are helping me out and also helping out their school, it's a great thing for them to do.

If you haven't collected Box Tops before, you really should. I bet that you have at least one box or label in your pantry right now that has one on it. Even if you don't have school aged kids, you can collect them and give them to someone who does, I know that they would love it!

Do you collect Box Tops? How do you store them? Check out tomorrow's post to see a creative way to keep track of them :).

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of General Mills®. The opinions and text are all mine.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Fun Fall Crafts {MMM # 294 Block Party}

Hi everyone! It’s time to link up all the cute things you’ve been doing!

  Tiffany at Making the World Cuter 

 I’m Tiffany from Making the World Cuter, and I’ll be hosting this block party today. Fall is (not officially) here! That means lots of people are getting antsy to go crazy with pumpkins...I might just be referring to me! Now that the kids are all back in school (for us as of this week), there is a little more structure in the day, which means a little more time for creating and crafting. I rounded up a bunch of your fabulous ideas that you linked up last week for a fun group of fall crafts to inspire you! I tried to stick to basic crafts, and fall inspired things not too Halloween-ey, but...I may have snuck a few pumpkins and spider webs in there! I can't help it! Halloween makes me giddy!

Fall Crafts

Fun Fall Crafts now that the kids are back in school! Ooh! Lots of fun ideas on here! Love them!

Welcome to the block party!

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Lots and Lots of Ideas- Crafts, Tutorials, Recipes and More!

Did you know that I have been blogging for almost 6 YEARS?!!!!  It is crazy to think that it has been that long, wow!  Time flies.  Anyways, in those 6 years I have made a lot of things, and I mean a lot.  Hundreds of crafts, recipes, projects.  Lots of stuff.  Well this past weekend I have tried to make things easier to find on my blog.  Hopefully what I did will help you find some good ideas and it will inspire you to make something new :).

If you're reading this on a mobile device or on email, you might not notice the new design on my sidebar.  I've added a section called: Awesome ideas by category.  I have several different categories and then it leads you to a page with a list of all of my best posts within that category.  Do you see the pictures on the sidebar??  If you do, you should check one of the pages out :).

Well here are the different categories and the links to the pages.
Holidays are so much fun to decorate for and celebrate, so I have lots of holidays crafts

Decorating and design is a passion of mine, so I have lots of home decor ideas.

I've got to keep these 5 little monkeys of own entertained, so we have done lots of kids crafts
 You know that I like Minecraft, so it has it very own page :)
Who doesn't love a cute printable?  Just print, cut and add something to it- doesn't get much easier than that!  I have over 75 printables

Super yummy and easy recipes

I love a good sewing tutorial!!  The majority of these tutorials beginner sewers can do, woot woot! 

I'm pretty obsessed with vinyl.  If I can put vinyl on it, I do it!  I have so many ideas using vinyl and heat transfer vinyl- you should check them out! 

Well I hope that my blog is now more "user friendly" and that you can find projects and ideas more easily now :).  Have a great day and come back whenever you want!!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Minecraft Bedroom Idea- Easy DIY Minecraft Shelves

If you have been reading my blog this week, then you know that my boys love Minecraft and that I have been making them a homework station in their bedroom.  After I built their crafting table, I wanted to build some shelves for the wall to help them organize everything. I decided to do some very simple and easy shelves.  I love how they turned out and they are so nice to have up on the wall to help organize their room!

This is how I made them:
The first thing I did was painted some pieces of wood that were 12"x42" gray.  

Then with my Silhouette I cut out a design of squares.  Everything was random this time.  I cut it out of vinyl.
Easy-DIY-Minecraft-Shelves (3)
Instead of just cutting the vinyl, I cut straight through the backing paper too.  I set the blade at a 4 (instead of 2) to do it.  
Easy-DIY-Minecraft-Shelves (5)
I taped the vinyl onto the wood (with the backing paper on) and then painted all the different squares different colors: black, dark gray, light gray and white.
Easy-DIY-Minecraft-Shelves (6)
I rotated the vinyl sheet and continued to paint the squares onto the board.  Once again, very random.  But I did use the same paint with each square (so the colors would mix onto the board). Then on the edges I painted little squares, once again randomly,

Easy-DIY-Minecraft-Shelves (7)
Once it was all dry, I screwed each shelf onto mounting brackets and then onto the wall.
Easy-DIY-Minecraft-Shelves (8)
The design is supposed to look like cobblestone or gravel.  
Easy-DIY-Minecraft-Shelves (10)

Easy-DIY-Minecraft-Shelves (11)
I decorated the shelves with some of their toys, some buckets and the creeper book ends that I made. 

Easy-DIY-Minecraft-Shelves (13)
Here's another view of it.  You can see the large Minecraft signs I made for them last year.  
Easy-DIY-Minecraft-Shelves (15)
And here it is with the crafting table.  We all LOVE how it looks in their room and they are excited to do some homework on it.