Monday, January 25, 2016

Craft Room Reveal- Decor Ideas and Craft Supplies Organization

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I think that every one needs their happy place.  Today I am going to share my happy place: my craft room.  I have been working on decorating it and rearranging the furniture this past month and I LOVE how it turned out!  I'm so excited to have it more organized and a better layout to make it feel more spacious and to give me more work space.  I can't wait to show you the things that I have been making and show you all the details.  So here you go :).

Before I go into all the details I want to give you a little back story.  So back when we lived in Nebraska, I had my craft room just the way I wanted it.  I designed it for that space, so it was great.  I loved it, it was the first time that I had my own space, my own craft room.  
craft room (41)

Well then we moved to our new house and I tried to make my craft  room work in our extra bedroom/office. 
House pictures 8-30-14 (21)

It worked for awhile, until my oldest son wanted his own bedroom, so we gave him that room  and we had to move my craft room. So we turned our formal living room into my craft room.
Here is the before. 
House pictures 8-30-14 (15)
We built a barn door to make it into a room. And it stayed that way for about 9 months, until I decided to rearrange it and make it more functional for me. 
DIY-Large-Barn-Door-with-Burned-Wood-Finish (43)

DIY-Large-Barn-Door-with-Burned-Wood-Finish (47)

What you can see is that I arranged the furniture, removed the desk in the middle of the room and then moved the table, desk and cart on the side wall and got rid of them.  I had way too much furniture in the room and no space to really create.

So now it's time to see all the details of my craft room!!  I'll let the pictures do most of the talking :).

There is a little nook in this room, so I found a shelving unit that fit perfectly in there to put my random supplies (and bigger stuff) on, but it was an eye sore in the room. So I got a ruffle shower curtain and a tension rod and hung it up to make it look better.  And boy does it!  I love it. 

Behind the curtain, it's not super organized but that's where I keep my vinyl (I like to store it flat) and my blog photography stuff, like foam board and my photo tent

Right next to the curtain, I have a fun magnetic chalk board on the wall.  

Here are my Ikea shelves (they used to be called Expedit but now are Kallas).  I love these shelves.  We put one on top of the big one and then connected them onto the wall.  Then I filled the shelves with lots of container and craft supplies.  Everything has a place and everything in it's place :). 

I made these book shelf curtains for some of the cubbies to hide what is behind and to give them some personality and color.   

Then I made some containers for the shelves and also used some big jars for my washi tape.  

In some of the cubbies I store my fabric but I also used this kitchen basket tower to put cute fabric into. 

I store all of my scrapbook supplies and heat transfer vinyl in my MiniBox from Original Scrapbook. 
On top of it I have my Silhouette CAMEO and this fun plate I made out of a light fixture.
And here is the inside, it's awesome!!!
For my computer desk I took the desk that attaches to the Expedit shelves and then put it onto the 4 cubby unit.  It didn't fit perfectly, so we used some L brackets and screwed it onto the shelves.

Since this is my craft room but also our office, I keep my office supplies in there too.  So I put my printer paper and printer there.  For extra storage, I got this fun under shelf basket.  I also have my sewing machine down there too, since I use the desk to sew on too. 
I had a big wall to decorate, so I decided to use my craft supplies as decorations. Since they are so much fun and colorful.  I put them into wide mouth mason jars and then put them on a shelf with my big glittery k I made.

I filled them with washi tape, colorful thread, glitter tape, buttons and baker's twine. 

I love how the buttons look, arranged in the colors of the rainbow.  

I also made a big frame to hang those random pictures that I love but don't know where to put.  I got some fun knobs and hung some buckets onto them and filled them with foam brushes, pens, pencils and scissors

And lastly we had to have a fun chandelier to complete the room. 

And that is my craft room. My happy place.  I love that I have a place for everything and that it's bright and fun and colorful!  Now all have to do is keep it this clean for now on :).


Mary Beth said...

Your craft room is amazing! So many great ideas for storage.

Camila Rojas said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about it. Your previous crafts room was awesome too but what I see here is that now you have a lot of light in your work space. I'm a daylight and natural light sucker. I love how bright and organized your craft room is right now!!!!
Love it!

MrsMajor Hoff said...

Super cute and so nicely organized! Love everything you did!

Megan said...

I LOVE your room!! Want to come and help me do mine next?!! ;) I love the idea of that ruffle curtain. My closet it an eye sore so I might use that idea! TFS!! ~ Megan

Jessica Hill said...

That barn door! Swoon!

Hydrangea Hippo - Jennifer Priest said...

What a great room! Love the barn door :)

Amy Anderson said...

The barn door is AWESOME - and I have a Minibox and love it! Great makeover!!