Thursday, June 16, 2016

Hardwood Flooring in Living Area Ideas

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There are different parts of the house that are seen by different people. The living room, for instance, is one of the most public rooms in your entire house. Not only can family enjoy time in your living room, but your guests can as well. Because of this, you need to make sure that you choose a flooring that is both beautiful and attractive, as well as durable when it comes to foot traffic. Carpet might seem like a really good option and in many cases can be budget friendly, but its also one of those textiles that get dirty really fast and can carry issues for asthma and allergy sufferers because it can trap it and be a magnet for dust. If you want a better option, consider hardwood flooring. Hardwood is not a new material by any means. In fact, hardwood flooring has been used since around the turn of the 20th century. Since then more and more manufactures and wood developers have created a lot of different hardwood flooring styles, colors, designs and you can even find wood floors that aren’t real engineered wood at all. But, what are the benefits and disadvantages of using this popular flooring option? Are there certain flooring levels you shouldn’t use it on? Lets find out below.

Worst/Best Places To Use Hardwood

Hardwood and water are not a good mixture. Because of this, its a good idea to keep wood and water away from each other. Unless you have a finished basement and don’t have flood problems, you should keep hardwood flooring out of the basement whenever possible. Basements are one of those rooms, especially when they are unfinished or unused that get flooded quite a bit, so make sure if you do use it in the basement you have proper precautions set up.

Another “bad” place to place hardwood flooring is on the upper levels of your home. For example, if you have a downstairs space with a kitchen, living room, and dining room and then upstairs you have your bedrooms and bathrooms, you might find out that hardwood flooring transmits a lot of noise. If you absolutely want to use it on higher floors, that’s okay, but you should be using noise reducers like area rugs to reduce the banging bumping or clacking from upstairs.

If you have a living room space that is on the ground level, by all means use hardwood flooring. But, you also need to be aware that an enemy of wood is mud, muck, and dirt. Make sure that if you have a front door living room ie; you open your front door and your living space is right there, that you place a welcome mat outside the door and make people take their shoes off when entering your home. You also will need to make sure that at least once a week you sweep and vacuum the floor, so keep these in mind if you are a new home owner.

Design Options For Hardwood Flooring

One of the really cool design aspects of hardwood flooring is that it can match up with any decorating style. It doesn’t matter if you have a more traditional space or a more modern living space you can find all sorts of grains, types of woods and stains that will not only match up to your personality but also to the style of your home. For a traditional living space consider using lighter woods and for a modern living space consider using darker or deeper stained woods like chocolate brown, cappuccino, or coffee. Another cool design option about wood flooring is the ease and convenience of refinishing it. For example, if you get a darker stain and then after a few years you decide you want to do a much lighter one, you can actually use a heavy grinder to sand down the material which will remove the first surface layer of the finish, the stain and the coatings that are used for protective reasons. Then, you can restain or even paint it whatever color you want. Over the lifetime of your wood flooring, you can do this several times without ever actually ruining the wood.

Decorative Wood Flooring

If you want to change it up from an all one color or stain option you can also find inlays, borders and even medallions to use within the hardwood flooring. This allows you to add personality, charm, and customization.

Over all, for a new home owners hardwood flooring is a fantastic material to use in a living room, you just need to be aware that its not a perfect material – there IS no perfect material. As long as you are aware of the precautions you should take and the things you should be aware of before installing hardwood, you should be able to enjoy this floor for years to come in all of its beauty!