Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A Letter to my Tween Son- Yoplait Go Big

Teens and tweens are amazing.  The things that they have to go through nowadays and the way that they excel is just plain awesome.  The way that they get around a computer or mobile device is just crazy, they know much more about them than I do!  Yoplait is challenging us to take a look at our tween/teens and tell them how amazing they are! 

My son is awesome and amazing.  He is such a sweet and sensitive boy who is kind and friendly.  He is the oldest of 5 kids and he doesn't have the easiest job since he is a major help around the house.  When the other kids get to play, he sometimes has to work to help me out and he does such a good job at it!  He is growing up so fast and becoming a fun, responsible and sweet young man.
This past month my son started 6th grade, which is middle school here.  I know that we all remember middle school and chances are there are some not so fond memories about middle school.  Well my son did something that I wouldn't have done, he put himself out there are ran for ASB officer.  He knew going in that there was a chance that he wasn't going to win but he still was brave and put himself out there.  It wasn't easy and he did get made fun of and his poster did get drawn on, but he pushed through and was still brave.  Although he didn't win he was glad that he tried and he still wants to try it again next year!  I am so proud of him for trying.

Another thing that he is awesome at are making fun videos with his brothers.  He is the leader of the kids and he brings them together to make these fun videos.  It is so fun to watch what he comes up with.  He has been known to organize a band with two of his brothers where he teaches them songs that he has learned at school, it's pretty awesome and impressive and such a joy to watch as a parent :). 

Yoplait has come out with new a yogurt pouch called Go Big.  It is bigger and cooler, perfect for tweens and teens that are getting bigger! I found it at Walmart with all the other yogurts.

The new Go Big pouches have a new grip and rip action to open them so it's easy for them to open and enjoy.  My son has a lot of homework now that his is in middle school, so the Go Big helps make it more bearable!  Plus since it's bigger, it lasts longer than just a couple seconds.  He could eat it one handed and still work on his math homework, making it easy to crush his homework!
We get to spend a lot of time together doing homework and talking about school, so it was nice to be able to just bond with him and both get to enjoy the real fruit and sweet goodness of the Go Big pouch! 

And here is a fun video I made for my son.  When talking to boys, it's just easier to talk through Legos ;).  

If you have someone that needs help fueling their awesomeness, then go check out Yoplait Go Big.  And while you are there, go nominate your awesome teen or tween!  


Brittany Evans said...

Okay that lego video was the cutest thing I've ever seen! What a sweet, creative kid. Also, he got made fun of and someone drew on his awesome poster?! Breaks my heart! What a brave kid to stick with it after that!! I loved this post Kaysi! :)