Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Spookify Your Halloween Decor with Lighting- Philips Hue Halloween

This post brought to you by Philips and MomTrends. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Halloween is coming up and I decided to take things to the next level.  Nothing screams Halloween more than spooky music and sounds.  Well why not have those spooky sounds and make your lights go with them.  Say what??!  Is that even possible? Umm yes it is and it's AWESOME!  Philips Hue are lights that connect to an app that you can program and that can make the lights basically any color that you would want.  So I took these lights and put them with my Halloween decor to make a spooky feel and look.  These are going to be awesome when I have a Halloween party or when trick or treaters come to my door. 
Before I tell you about these lights and all the things that they can do, I want to show you what they can do :)

I put all of the lights together on my bar under the pendant lights.  Doesn't it look awesome and spooky?!  The pendants lights are orange, the pumpkin one is bright green and the ones under the bar are a reddish orange. Pretty cool huh? I'm thinking when it's Christmas time I'm going to have them be red and green a lot of the time.

Here are some of the products that they have-

All of these can be connected to the bridge that you get with the starter kit.
This is what comes with the starter kit- three A19 bulbs and one bridge. 

The bridge is what connects the lights.  You can have up to 50 lights connected to this bridge.  All you have to do is plug it into your router and then download the Hue app and connect it to your phone. 

To get started, you just put the lights into a regular light fixture (I choose my pendant lights) and then turn on the power.  Once you've download the app, you will have to find the lights (they have to be powered on for this) and then connect it to the bridge.  It gives you very detailed instructions on the app on how to do this. 
Another thing that I got was this awesome power strip.  It has a plug in and  3M sticky strip on the back so you can adhere it to most surfaces. You can even buy extender strips to make it even longer, how awesome is that?!

We decided that the coolest place for us to put them was under our large bar.  With the 3M strips on it, it was super easy to do it.  And we were even able to bend it to go along our bar. 

The next light is the Hue Go and it's a portable light.  It can last up to 3 hours on its battery, so it's  great to have around the house.  It's super bright but can also be used as a night light if you wanted.  I wanted to make my jack o' lantern awesome, so I carved it and then put the lamp into it (I did cover it with plastic wrap just to protect it from the pumpkin guts).

Here is an example of how the app works. I had three products, so each one comes up separately when I bring up the app.  You can turn them on and off whenever you want (as long as they are plugged in or the light switch is on). 
When you click on to bulbs, each one comes up individually so you can make each one a different color, or just turn on one instead of 3.  Or you can make one brighter than the other.  Really the possibilities are endless. 

Here is what the Hue Go looks like in the pumpkin.  Awesome, right?!

And the purple lights look awesome on the fog inside the cauldron. 

These lights don't just change colors, they can also be programmed to go on and off and change with the beat of the music.  Or you can use the HueHalloween app and really makes things spooky (there is also a Christmas and fireworks one too).  This is what I used in the video I shared.  Could you imagine if you were to use this in a haunted house or on your front porch when trick or treaters come by?!  It would be awesome! 

There is even an app that you can get that you can make the lights move to your own music.  You can use the music on your phone or on something like Pandora.  Or it can come from the radio or a stereo.  It goes off of the microphone, so whatever music you want, you can use it.  It get really dark in the winter time here in Washington, so I have a feeling that we are going to be doing this a lot and turn our dark days into fun dance parties!

There are so many things that you can do with the Philips Hue.  You can even control your lights when you're not home!  You can put them on a timer or schedule them for when you are home or getting ready for bed.  They have recipes that change the lights to make a calming effect or make you feel like you are in the arctic aurora.  

If you have been wanting to take your lights to the next level, you can get 15% off of these awesome lights when you used the code HueHallowen but it's only good until Oct 30, so hurry and get it before it's too late.  Go here to check out all of their different products. 


Evolve With Mary said...

Wow, lights control by an app and sound ;), there’s a app for everything nowadays. This is awesome! The video shows how well the lights work and the different effects. I think I need some of these light to have around the house all year around.