Saturday, December 24, 2016

DIY Etched Personalized Christmas Glasses

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Last year I started a family tradition for our family.  Instead of getting holiday dishes, we are making our own!  And each year we add to them just a little bit at a time.  Last year we started with the plates (which I absolutely love!) and now this year we did the glasses.  I think eventually we will do a dessert plate and then a placemat and that will probably be about it :).  I love how these glasses turned out!  I let my kids each pick out a design/shape and then they helped me put the vinyl on, but then I did the rest.  

This is how I made them.  
Using my Silhouette I cut out the designs out of vinyl.  

For each glass I cut out two of the shape and then the year and their name.  I was using the vinyl as a stencil so I removed the actually image, opposite of what you normally do for vinyl. 

I got some glass tumblers that had a square bottom and that were nice and flat on top.  Using transfer paper, I put the vinyl onto the glass.  

Here is what the glass looks like with all the vinyl.  You have to make sure that around the letters and shapes that the vinyl in on the glass flat (if it isn't the etching cream could get under it).  

Using some etching cream and a foam brush, I put the cream onto the glass.  Make sure you don't get it anywhere else but where the vinyl is cut out because it will etch anywhere it touches.  You will want to put a decent amount on to the vinyl so that it doesn't miss any spots.  Let the cream set for 10 minutes.  

After the 10 minutes is over, rinse the cream off with cool water. 

Remove the vinyl.  It's so fun to see the designs come out because when you are rinsing it, it's hard to see :).  Once the vinyl is off, clean the glass with a glass cleaner. 

And that's it!  They are so cool!  I know it's hard to see it in the pictures but they look AWESOME in person. 

Here are all 7 designs- present, snowman, tree, reindeer, snowflake, gingerbread man and penguin. 

And here are all the names :).

And this is what it looks like with all of our personalized dishes!  Aren't they so much fun!  The kids love them and so do I!  I can't wait to use them every year. 

Here are a few more close up pictures so you can really see what they look like.  They are so cool. 

I have done this etching thing a lot and yes they do hold up in the dishwasher just fine.  I etched something 6 years ago and it's still going strong and it's been used many times in the dishwasher and oven :)!  

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