Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Top Posts of 2016

Isn't it crazy that this year is almost over?!  I don't know what happened in this year, I look back and think about all the crazy things that have happened over the year.  We have done a lot and it has been a good year but also a rough one.  I'm excited to start a new year and to see what it brings for us!

I have been blogging for 7 years now and I have a LOT of things that I have made.  It's always fun to see what posts do well and what ones don't do as well.  I just wanted to share with you the Top 10 posts of the past year, the ones that were popular :).

#10- Ash Costume.  With Pokemon Go craze, around Halloween lots of people were looking to make an Ash costume :).

DIY Pokemon Ash Costume (9)

#9 Ikea Expedit Shelf in my Craft Room- This is still one of my favorite pieces of furniture in my craft room, I love it!!

craft room redo (2)

#8- Light Saber Pencils- Star Wars is back and these pencils are perfect for anyone who loves Star Wars!

#7- Christmas Candy Pouches- These are just so much fun to make, for really any holiday (I have an example for each holiday!).

Christmas M&M pouches #freeprintable (9)

#6- Spooktactular 2x4s- These are still my favorite Halloween decor and I put them out on my porch every Halloween!


#5- Burned Wood Dining Table- This dining table is so great and I still love it and the finish of the wood!

DIY-Dining-Table-With-Burned-Wood-Finish #BernzOmatic

#4- Greeting Snowman- This decoration is perfect for winter or Christmas and is so easy and inexpensive to make!

#3- Ribbon Bow Tie- This is so easy and so cute, especially if you have lots of boys like me!  Making matching bow ties is a must sometimes :)!

#2- Turquoise Pendant Lights- These lights cost me $3 to make, up just $3 and they are AWESOME!  I did them over a year ago and they still look amazing and I just love them. 

turquoise-pendant-light-how-to-dye-a-light-shade (15)

And the number one post of 2016 and of all time is......

#1- DIY Fire Pit- This fire pit has been a HIT!  Online and at our house.  We love roasting marshmallows and hot dogs on it and to warm on a cool day.  The best part of this fire pit it that it took us a morning to make it (like only 3 hours if that) and it only cost $60 from start to finish!  It's awesome and I love it!

And that is my top 10 posts!  Of course I have lots of other good posts, but these ones are the most popular ones :).  Thanks for reading and have a very happy New Year!!