Monday, December 12, 2016

Tree Classics Park City Pine Snap Tree™

Disclosure: I was given product for this post, all opinions are 100% my own.

The month of December is always crazy busy for us.  With all of the Christmas parties, concerts and then all of the other things that we have to do to get ready for the holiday, every thing is little more stressful.  Some years even putting up the Christmas tree can be a huge hassle and take for-e-ver! Seriously, it can be so annoying.  There have been years that we have been putting up our tree and then learn that we were missing a branch or the lights were broken or something like that happened.  Well this this snap tree is different, you can put it up in a snap (see what I did there :D) and it looks so beautiful!

To show how you put it up, we did a quick little time lapse video of it showing how easy it was to put it up.  We put it up in about 5 minutes and all of the kids could help us!  The cool part about it is that you can store it on the stand and wheel it out to the garage, nice and easy! 

Here is the tree put up, isn't it so pretty?!  I seriously love how it looks just by itself.  The branches look so real and I love the color and the shape of it.  It is called the Park City Pine.  Along with the tree the velvet tree skirt it is so fancy and pretty. 

Of course you need some pretty ornaments on the tree.  I love the classic colors of red and green, they are my favorite.  So I loved these beautiful, hand blew ornaments.  Look at the design of them, aren't they gorgeous?!

Here are all of the ornaments that I got.  

Here is what the tree looks like with just the ornaments, fancy and pretty!!  I love looking at it!
And here it is with just a few little personal touches.

Here is a close up on how they look.  Seriously, the branches and needles look amazing! 

And I LOVE the look of the tree skirt, so classy and elegant. 

If you're in the market for a new Christmas tree, you have to check out Tree Classics.  They are a variety of trees with different shapes and styles.  I'm sure you will find one that you love!