Sunday, July 31, 2016

Non Traditional Burgers, Fries and Hot Dogs {MMM #341 Block Party}

I love a good barbecue, especially in the summer time!  As much a love the regular hot dogs, hamburgers and fries, I like to change things up and eat something that is a little different.  So here are 12 recipes for some nontraditional burgers, fries and hot dogs. 

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Boys' Game Room Bedroom Decor: Xbox and Nintendo Controller Canvases

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I have 4 boys so sooner or later I knew that I needed a game room.  Right now we are using all of our rooms for bedrooms but we have one big room that is a bedroom/play room.  A couple of weeks ago we had about 10 kids in this room and decided that it was time to turn the bedroom into a bedroom/game room.  My boys love video games (like most boys do) so instead of fighting them on it, I am making it more fun for them.  Because no matter what, they are going to play them, so I might as well have it be at my house so I can choose the games that they play :).  So we turned their Minecraft room into a "game room" theme.  So we have a  Minecraft, Pokemon, Nintendo, Xbox and Mario theme going on.  So far I am loving (and my boys are too) the things that I have made for their room.  Here are some super simple Xbox and Nintendo controller canvases that I made for their room.  

Sunday, July 24, 2016

26 Delicious Peach Recipes {MMM #340 Block Party}

With Peach season upon us, I thought we could all use some fresh new peach ideas...

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Laminate Wardrobe Redo with Paint and Pokemon Decals

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With all of this talk about PokemonGo this past week, I have Pokemon on my brain.  Pokemon is not a new thing at our house, two years ago we all went as Pokemon for Halloween and back in the day when it was new, I enjoyed watching and playing it with  my nephews.  With fours boys, there's no surprise that we like Pokemon at our house :).  This past weekend we decided that we needed to change up my boys' bedroom.  Their bedroom is Minecraft themed, but I want it to be game themed instead.  We are going to have it be a bedroom but also a game room too with video games and things like that.  So I am keeping some Minecraft stuff in there but also added Pokemon and eventually some Nintendo stuff too.  I have been wanting to redo these wardrobes for a long time, I hated the color of them but I knew that painting laminate can be tricky.  So instead of just painting them, I gave them some Pokemon decals too.  

Sunday, July 17, 2016

12 Geeky Crafts, DIY, Recipes and More {MMM #339 Block Party}

It's a good time to be into geeky things! Between Pokemon Go and getting ready for my annual Happy Harry Potter series I'm feeling great in my Geeky element.
Great Geeky crafts, DIYs, recipes and more. From Harry Potter to Pokemon Go and Doctor Who there's something for all nerds.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

DIY Car Seat Organizer for Kids' Snacks and Coloring Supplies

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It's road trip season!!  One of my favorite things about summer is the fun and memorable road trips! This summer we planned a fun road trip that would take us to four states and get to see family and friends that we haven't seen in years!!  We have 5 stops planned and there is going to be a lot of time in the car.  So to get ready for our big road trip, we got our car ready just like we got our clothes and kids ready.  Since we knew that we would put a couple thousands miles on our van, we knew that we needed to get an oil change before we went, plus a few other things like rotating our tires and a tune up.  And since we have 5 young kids, I knew that had to get the car ready for them to be in it for a long.  No matter all the things that I plan for my kids for these long trips, it always seems like they lose their stuff during the drive because they don't have anywhere to put it. So to help with that I made a car seat organizer that you can just put on to the car seat.  It works as a caddy but also helps protect the car seat from spills and stains, it's a win-win! 

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Ice Cream Ideas {MMM #338 Block Party}

Did you know that July is National Ice Cream Month? That means that it's pretty much a requirement to eat ice cream at least once a week, if not more! Here are 9 ideas to shake up your national ice cream month celebrations!National Ice Cream Month Ideas

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Outdoor Activities for Kids {Let Kids be Kids}

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I am a firm believer of letting kids be kids.  I feel like lately kids are forced to be like adults sooner than they were before and it's so sad to me.  You don't see kids playing outside like you did when I was growing up.  I think that it's important to teach our kids how to work but I think it's just as important to teach them how to play too! I have four boys and one girl, so I know that life with kids is MESSY!  But I love to see my kids play and just have so much fun, no matter how messy they get.  I just make sure that I have a good laundry detergent to get out life messes :).  

Now that it is summer and warm and the kids are most likely getting bored, I am sharing a few outdoor activities to do that are guaranteed to entertain the kids.  You could do all the activities in one day  or spread them out, either way the kids will have a blast (and adults too!).  

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Refreshing Drinks To Cool Off With {MMM #337 Block Party}

It's HOT!!!  It's not uncommon for us to hit 100 degrees in the summer, so I found 16 different recipes that will help you stay cool this summer!