Friday, January 6, 2017

Instant Pot Frozen Chicken Made in Less Than 30 Minutes- How to with Major Hand Holding

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For Christmas this year I bought myself an Instant Pot pressure cooker and let me tell you- I am in LOVE with it!  Seriously this little machine is a major GAME CHANGER!  I love my crock pot but a lot of times I am out and about in the middle of the day, the time when I am supposed to put food into the crock pot and so it just doesn't happen.  Well this little machine does recipes in less than an hour and they are as easy as the crock pot meals!  The thing that I am MOST excited about with this pressure cooker is being able to cook FROZEN chicken in less than 30 minutes (that is start to finish!) because I SUCK at reminding to thaw out chicken and/or buying raw chicken.  I have so many recipes that call for cooked chicken and I love them but I don't so much make them, because I just plan forget to get the chicken ready.  So most likely this is how I will use the Instant Pot most often.  

So this pressure cooker is a little intimidating at first, so I am sharing a VERY detailed tutorial on how to make frozen chicken in it.  It's like I am holding your hand the whole way :).  So for this chicken I just used the chicken that I get from Costco, you know the one that has the fat cut off and you just take it out of the bag (yeah that chicken is life changing too, not more cutting off that fat!). 

Alright let's get started!  So you will want to read the manual before cooking anything and doing the steam test to make sure your pressure cooker seals.  This little ring right here, it's removable and washable and you will want to wash it every time you use it (it starts to smell, even after the first use).  Every time you use the pressure cooker, make sure this ring is on correctly.   

Now for the chicken, I just put the chicken into the pot frozen (as shown).  You can add as much or as little as you want, but more might make the cooking time a little higher. 

To cook it you need 1 cup of liquid so if can make the steam.  I used 1 cup of water and then added a chicken bouillon cube (this is optional) and salt and pepper in it.  You can also use 1/2 cup of water and then 1/2 cup of some kind of sauce, like BBQ, salsa or other yummy sauces.

Once you add the chicken and liquid you close the lid and then move the little handle on top to steaming (venting is for slow cooker).

Then you press the poultry button and it sets to 15 minutes automatically ( you can change this). 
Then the pressure cooker turns on and it will look like for a few minutes (5-15 minutes), it is building up pressure.

This little valve shows you when it pressurized in there.  When it's down like this pictures shows, then it isn't pressurized.

When it goes up like this picture shows, that is when it is pressurized and you cannot open the lid.

Once it is pressurized the timer starts and the real cooking begins :). And of course in all of this you can just push on, you don't have to be around to watch it like I did to take pictures :).  I will usually be prepping the other foods that I am will be making with it as it is cooking. 
Once it is done, it will automatically go to the keep warm stage and there is a timer to show you how long it has been in the keep warm stage. 

Once it's done, you have to release the pressure, so you move the little handle/switch on the top of the lid and release the steam.  It's pretty fun to watch :) (but it can be hot).

Once the little valve goes down, you can take off the lid. 

And that's it!  The chicken was completely cooked!!  

Now you can either shred this chicken and eat it, or you use it for another recipe. 

I used this chicken in my chicken chow mein recipe and it was oh so good!

The flavor and texture of the chicken was perfect!

So if you've been on the fence about getting the Instant Pot, go get it!  The more I use it the more I will post recipes on here for you!

I also did a FB live video, so if you want to see the Instant Pot in action, check it out! 


Mary said...

Great tutorial! I got an InstantPot for Christmas. I wish I would have seen this earlier! The pictures are so helpful.