Monday, January 16, 2017

Time Saving Hair Products for Men- Great Clips GRIT GIVEAWAY

Does anyone else have CRAZY mornings at their house?  We have 4 kids in school, plus my husband getting ready for work- getting ready for the day is just plain crazy.  So anytime I hear about products that can help with saving time, I'm game.  My boys are growing up and starting to smell a little bit more LOL.  So they like to shower in the mornings, which means that we basically have 4 boys showering every morning and getting ready.  Luckily for me Great Clips has an affordable and great product line for men called GRIT.  

They have a variety of products, like this hair and body wash.  It's a time saver because they can use it as a body wash but it also can be used for shampoo and conditioner.  Perfect for us because shorter the showers the boys take mean the more hot water for me :).

They also have a variety of styling products too.  My son started middle school this year, so he is starting to be more aware of his appearance.  He also has really thick hair so normal products don't do much for it, but the GRIT worked great in his hair.

So here is the before.  This is his normal hair :).

He likes to shower at night sometimes, so the Cleanse + Style is perfect for him to be able to clean his hair real quick before school.  The Cleanse + Style is the man version of dry shampoo.  Then he can style it.  He used the Firm Style on his hair.  It didn't take very much to use (which was nice!). 

And here is the after!  Just a little bit of Firm Style and he has a great edgy style for school.  Isn't he so handsome!?  He's growing up too quickly :). 

Great Clips is so excited about their new product that they are giving away a Playstation® 4!!!  All you have to do is follow them on Instagram and then follow the instructions on their photo with the console on it.   

**Giveaway is now closed, the winner is Brooke **
If you've been wanting to try out the new GRIT products, then you are in luck! Because one lucky winner will win 6 of their styling products.  The winner will get:
Hair +Body- This is a multitasking shampoo, body wash and conditioner. 
• Body Refresh - Odor neutralizing spray, great to put into gym bag or locker or car. 
• Cleanse + Style- Men's version of dry shampoo.
 Natural Style- Styling gel that adds a little texture and definition.
• Flexible Style- Styling balm that has a medium hold and rinsing out easily with water.
Firm Style- Styling gel with firm hold and high shine. 

If you would like to win this product pack, there are three ways to enter:
1) Go to GRIT website and tell me what product you are most excited about and why.
2) Follow GRIT on Instagram
3) Download the Great Clips app that makes getting your hair cut easier (you can check in online!). 

Leave a comment telling me what entries you have done all in one comment.  If you have done all three entries you would leave one comment telling me: what product you like and why, telling me what your Instagram username is and telling me that you downloaded the app.  Also leave your email address so I can contact you if you win!

** Your comment will not show up immediately, I have to approve it but it will show up after I approve it :)**

Good luck to you all!  The giveaway will end on Jan, 26th.  Giveaway open to USA only.

If you have a man and/or a son in your life that could use some new hair products, then check out the GRIT line from Great Clips


Michele Cupp said...

My teeneager said he's most excited about the Flexible Style product.

Michele Cupp said...

If my last comment posted I apologize, it was only partially complete. My son is most excited about the Flexible Style product. I follow on Instagram @4orangecrush. I've downloaded the app which we will certainly use because we do go to Great Clips.

Melissa Moffat said...

With teenage boys firm stlye or any of the gels as some like it high others like it glad down but the odor sprY sounds good for boys too. Did all 3

Jessica Anderson said...

My son would love the flexible hold balm. He hates anything stiff in his hair. I also followed on IG.

Heidi @ Happiness is Homemade said...

I love the way the Flexible Hold looks - perfect for my six-year-old who hates it when his hair is "crunchy!"

Brooke said...

I would like the body and hair combo for my son

partyof4 said...

My hubby and teenage son would love Hair & Body and Flex & Style. I follow on IG beesonparty4 Thank you!!

Homestylemama said...

My teen is excited about the flexible hold. Follow on Instagram, homestylemama6. Download the GC app.Thank you!

JNW1016 said...

The cleanse and style sounds like an amazing product! My son is almost 8 and he's not yet the best when it comes to cleanliness. Lol. This would help so much!! My Instagram name is pinkdahliadesigns. I have also downloaded the app. Thanks for this review. So glad to hear about products like this geared towards boys!

Jennifer M said...

I think both of my sons (11 and nearly 13) would love Flexible Style. They are so into men's stuff, since I have a habit of buying what I use (and it is just me and them) :)

I downloaded the app (they actually have been getting their haircut at great clips for years). I also am now following Grit on Instagram (@jmehargdesigns).

Thank you for the chance to win something for my boys!

Jessie said...

We would like to try the shampoo body wash. My husband goes through a ton of that type of stuff!

Kaysi @ Keeping it Simple said...

Thanks to everyone who entered, the winner is Brooke! Brooke email me at Congrats!

Kaysi said...

Brooke you are the winner!