Wednesday, February 15, 2017

How to Dunk an OREO Cookie- OREO Dunk Sweepstakes

OREO cookies are one of our favorite treats in our house.  Whenever I am at Walmart and my 3 year old sees them in the aisle, he immediately begs for me to buy them for him.  I usually give in because I love them so much!  Let's just saw that a package of the Double Stuff OREO cookies do not last very long in our house :).  And of course we like lots of other people, love to dunk our cookies in milk, yum! 

I headed to Walmart to get the OREO cookies.  I usually find them on some kind of end cap or display in the middle of the aisle.  
Whenever I eat OREO cookies, I usually put the cookie onto a fork and then dunk it into the milk.  It's a nice way to not get my fingers or my milk dirty :).

Since it's basketball season and with the OREO dunk challenge going on, I decided that it would be fun to have a little basket to make dunking the OREO cookies more fun.  I went with my same technique with using my fork.

And for fun, I let my kids come up with their own ways to dunk their cookies.  Let's just say, their techniques aren't as clean as mine, but much cooler!

There is a huge sweepstakes going on called the OREO Dunk Challenge.  To get all the details go here, and for the rules, go to   

All you have to do is take a video or photo of you or your family dunking OREO cookies and then add it to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and make sure you use the hashtag #OREODunkSweepstakes.

I'm excited to join in the fun and enter the sweepstakes and you should too, just check out their website to get started!