Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Indoor Relay Races with Goldfish® Crackers

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Goldfish® crackers are one of our favorite snacks.  All of my kids love them (and so do I!). I swear anytime we are at Walmart, my kids are begging me to get more Goldfish crackers.  We go through them so quickly because we just can't resist these fun crackers that have a smile on them.  The Snack That Smiles Back®.   After my kids get home from school, they are always asking for a snack and I usually send them to the pantry to get some of these crackers :).  

We have had a really LONG winter this year.  We have had 10 snow days this winter and the weather has been awful, so we have spent a lot of time indoors.  My kids (and I) have been going stir crazy. and needed to be a more active.  And since we couldn't go outside,  I decided to make snack time a little funner.  I got the kids together and we had some fun relay races with the Goldfish crackers.  It was so fun to watch and play, for everyone in the family.

I headed to Walmart to pick up the Goldfish crackers.  I found the bulk ones out on display at the end of an aisle.  We love the original ones and also the colored ones.

For the relay races I decided to do a couple different things.  First the kids had to make the Goldfish crackers go through a race course.  Then they had to transport it to a cup across the room and then finish by eating a cup of the crackers. 

All you will need is some straws, tape (I used fun washi tape) and of course Goldfish crackers. 

Using the washi tape, I started making a course on my table. 

Since we were doing relay races, I made two different courses on my table. 

Once the course was made, it was time for fun.  The first thing they had to do was blow the crackers with a straw through the course.  If they blew the cracker too hard and it went outside of the line, they had to eat it and then get a new cracker and start over again. 

They had a lot of fun doing it and racing :).

Next was a trickier/funner part.  Once they got the cracker to the finish line, they had to take the cracker across the room.  They had to transport it with the straw.  If they dropped it then they had to go get another cracker and then try again. 
It was really fun to watch them try to hurry to get the cracker to the other side of the room!

Once they got to the other side of the room, they had to drop the cracker into a cup and then eat the Goldfish crackers in there.  Once they were finished eating, they ran back to the beginning and then tagged their team mate and they started the relay again.  
The kids had a blast with the Goldfish crackers.  They had so much fun that after the races they decided to play "air hockey" with the crackers and straws :).  

These games are perfect for a rainy or snowy day.  They would also be perfect for some kind of party where you have to entertain several kids :).  These games and Goldfish crackers are a win-win for kids and parents, the kids have fun, get to eat and the parents don't have to do much and they get to eat too, now who doesn't love that?! :).   If you love Goldfish crackers, then make sure to check out their website for more fun ideas and inspiration!