Monday, May 1, 2017

Backyard Food Ideas: DIY Dirty Soft Drinks and Hot Dog Roast

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While I was at Snap Conference in Utah, I discovered the joy of a dirty Dr. Pepper.  I had heard of them before but I have never had them before and they are amazing!  Swig was one of the sponsors and had a set up so you could go get some while at the conference, I had so many!  So immediately when I got home, I ordered stuff so I could make my own at home!  I thought that these would be perfect drink for a BBQ.  

There are several kinds that you can make and of course you can use what ever soft drink that you want, but these were my personal favorite.  I used the Torani syrup and I got a set of 6 that I thought would go with the pop.  Click here to see the set that I got.  I then got coconut and french vanilla cream to go with it too.

They are super easy too make, first start with a cute cup or jar (because cuteness makes things taste better :D), add ice and then adds a couple pumps of the flavoring.   

Then you add the pop that you want, stirring in the flavor.  Then add some cream and stir.  

Add a cute lid and straw and you have an awesome dirty drink!
Here were a few of our favorites!

Dirty Dr. Pepper
1 pump of raspberry
1 pump of vanilla
Coconut cream 
Dr. Pepper (diet or regular)

Raspberry Sprite
2 pumps of raspberry
French vanilla cream

Root Beer Float
1 pump french vanilla
French vanilla cream
Root beer

Everyone loved the drinks and it was so much fun try different flavors.  My son tried everything in one drink, it wasn't very good LOL :).  Along with our dirty drinks we did a hot dog roast on our fire pit

The whole evening was a big hit with the kids, they loved the hot dogs and drinks!  I can't wait to do this more and more as the weather starts to warm up!