Thursday, May 4, 2017

DIY Kitchen Pantry Sign with Subway Art Printable

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This past month we have been remodeling our kitchen and I had to change out the vinyl that I had over my pantry.  I am trying to make my style a little more fancy and not so cute, so I wanted to make a really nice frame for the space.  I had a hard time trying to come up with something to put in the frame because I wanted something there that was unique and something that you don't see every day.  I was going to do a fun quote that said "Together is our happy place" but then decided that I wanted some more fun. So instead I decided to make a fun subway art.  I love how it turned out! 
This is what we had above our pantry before, some subway art vinyl. I loved the look of this but when I painted I had to remove the vinyl.  So I did something similar to this, just a little more subtle and formal.

So instead of using vinyl, I decided to make a printable.  So I made two designs.  One with a turquoise background and white lettering (the one I used in my kitchen) and then one that is black and white that would match any kitchen :).  If you would like to use these, feel free.  Just save the image.  If you are going to do a bigger size like mine, shoot me an email and I'll email you the image.  

I just sent to image to an online photo store (Costco) and got it printed in 16x20.  This is what it looks like printed big.  

Now time to build the frame.  I used a pine wood because it's a nicer wood and doesn't have as many knots and cracks as the cheap wood.  I used a 1x3 for the inside of the frame.  Using a miter saw I cut the wood to 19 3/8 inches.  I cut two pieces to that length.  

Then to finish up the frame, I cut two more pieces 18 1/8 inches. 

Here is a quick little trick I learned, to make sure it's square and even, measure the diagonal on both sides.  I got roughly 23 1/2 inches both ways, so I was good to go. 

So if you wanted the frame to be a little more stable for when you are nailing in the outside of the frame, you could glue it together with wood glue or use pocket screws.  I didn't use anything, but it wouldn't hurt to at least glue it. 

So the outside of the frame I used a 1x2 piece of wood and cut two pieces 24 3/8 inches.

And then I cut two more pieces 19 9/16 inches. 

Now time to nail them together.  I used a nail gun, with finishing nails (but if you have a brad nailer that would work too).  I used nails that were 1 1/2 inch long.  So I put the top pieces on first.  Since I didn't glue the frame together, I did each piece separately (sorry for no pictures of the process, my hands were a little full :D).  So first I put the top pieces onto one of the vertical pieces, lined it up and put a couple nails into it.  Then I lined up the horizontal piece and put a nail into it to hold the frame together.  Once it was nailed together, it was very sturdy.  

Here is the view of where I put in the nails in.  I put some more along the frame, but these ones are the ones that are holding the inside frame together.  

I then nailed the rest of the outside pieces onto the frame.  Doesn't it look pretty??  I love the little extra wood around the frame, it just gives it a more sophisticated look.  Just in case you are curious the full sign/frame is 26 inches wide and 19 3/4 inches tall. 

Once the frame was done, I painted it white.  I used a nicer wood paint with a semi gloss finish, but really any paint would work.  

Now time to put the pictures into the frame.  Using painters tape, I put some pieces onto the back of the picture and then centered it within the frame.  

Once I had it centered and straight, I turned it around and then taped the whole picture down. 

And that's it!  Isn't it so much fun?!  I seriously love making decor for my house, it's so much fun to have someone come in and say that they haven't seen something like that before :). 

And here it is above my pantry door.    

It goes perfectly with my new, white kitchen