Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Get Your Prescriptions Delivered to Your Door with Phil

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About two years ago I was diagnosed with Hashimotos disease.  Back when I got the diagnosis I thought that I would get on medicine and all would be good.  Little did I know that there is a lot more to it.  Lots of lab tests, lots of doctor visits and lots of different prescription changes until my thyroid levels were stable.  One of the major symptoms of Hashimotos is fatigue.  My energy levels are no where close to what they used to be.  Some days are definitely better than others, but when I am having an off day, simple tasks seem daunting to me.  Simple things like getting to the store or going to an activity.  Some days when it's really bad, I just want to spend my days in bed.  

With Hashimotos I will be on a thyroid medicine for the rest of my life.  Because I take it daily, I had an automatic refill system for my prescriptions.  I would get a text when it was time to get a refill, I would text back and then the pharmacy would fill it.  Then it would be time for me to go and pick it up.... you would think that would be easy.  But some days it felt like a really daunting task.  When you don't feel good, the thought of going to the pharmacy and having to wait in line for 30 minutes doesn't sound fun at all (it doesn't sound fun, even if I was feeling good).  Even when I went through the drive through line, it was not super quick.  Then I added another prescription that got refilled at a different time as my other one, so I had to do this twice a month.  There were even times that I would get it refilled and forget to pick it up and then they would put it back and when I finally went to pick it up, it wasn't there, so I would have to have them refill it and wait the extra 30 minutes or go home and come back later.  

When I found out about an online service called Phil that delivers your prescriptions to your door, I was super interested!  The thought of having my medicine come directly to my door and not having to go wait in line every month sounds AMAZING!  I immediately checked it out, transferred my prescriptions and was super impressed by how easy it all was.  

Phil offers prescription management online and delivery.  The service is essentially free, you have to pay the same copay you do at a pharmacy and then they will ship it for free!  Phil works with local businesses that have high rated costumer services.

It is super simple to transfer your prescriptions.  All you have to do is go online and fill out the forms to transfer the prescription.  After that is done, if you want it to be done quicker, you just text a photo of your insurance cards to the number provided and then they will take care of the rest for you.  It takes a few days to get everything transferred and through out the process you will get emails (from real people) letting you know how if they need anything from you and giving you updates along the way. 

Once they get your prescription transferred and get the insurance company in the system, they will send you an email telling you to set up payment.  You will just pay the copay that your insurance requires.  Once you have set up the payment, they will send the prescription out and send a tracking number.  It really is super easy and only takes a matter of minutes.  Another benefit is that you can manage your family's prescriptions online, which is so nice. 

They pay for the shipping and they are delivered to your door before your pills run out :).  Seriously, how awesome is that?!  Just one less thing to worry about to make life easier!  I am all for that! 

Since I take two medicines (and a bunch of supplements) I decided to make a little calendar to help me remember because sometimes I just plain forget to take my afternoon pill.  I have a reminder on my phone but I don't always see it, so I thought if I made a cute calendar that I can hang on the fridge or put on my night stand, it will be a great reminder for me.  I just made up a printable, that you can get here, and then laminated it so I can use it with a dry erase marker.  

Instead of just throwing away all of my old pill bottles, I decided to turn them into travel sized first aid kits.  I made a printable for those too, you can get it here.  All I did was cut out the label, glued it onto the pill bottle and then added some alcohol wipes and band-aids to it.  These are perfect for the car or a purse or back pack.

If you have a prescription that you take regularly, I would definitely recommend looking into transferring it over to Phil.  For first-time customers, Phil will pay up to $20 off your insurance copay, or $20 off the cost of the medication if you are uninsured, while supplies last. If you're not satisfied then you can easily transfer your prescription back to your old pharmacy.

Phil is definitely going to make my life a lot easier, which is wonderful because Hashimotos definitely does not make my life any easier.   If you like the idea of your prescriptions being delivered to your door, then you need to check out Phil