Friday, July 28, 2017

Tips on How to Remove Color STREET Glitter Nail Polish Easily

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So I am obsessed with Color STREET nails.  They are amazing and I love how they look, feel and how easy they are to put on and take off.  Because they are 100% nail polish, they can easily be removed with nail polish remover.  All of the nail polish strips come off with nail polish remover but I have found that the glitter ones are a little bit harder to get off (just like regular glitter nail polish).  Well I found out a way and a remover that makes it super easy to take it off the glitter polish (this could be used for any of the Color STREET nails!).  

So like I said before, I'm obsessed with these nails.  I seriously LOVE them!  Here is an example of how awesome they are and how long they last!  These bad boys were on for 14 days and in those 14 days I went swimming, boulder climbing, painting and more!  They could have gone on longer but after 2 weeks I wanted to put on another set.  If you want more information about these nail strips, check out my post here- I went into lots of detail about them! 

This is how I did it:
I took a small jar (you will want a small one so you don't waste the nail polish remover), some cheap sponges (2) and then some nail polish remover.  I found this this Cutex one is the best for taking off the glitter polish. 

I cut down the sponges and then wrapped them around each other so they fit in there tightly.  

Then I filled the jar with the polish remover (this is where a smaller jar works better so you don't have to use as much remover).

And that's it!  Super easy!  

Now time to use it to take off my Mardi Gras nails. I first dipped my finger into the sponges and remover and moved it around to remove the polish.  *Note the sponges did great taking off the all of the polish except the big glitter specs, so I used a pad to get that off real quick*.   Other nail set shown are Tinseltown and Brooklyn Beat 

Look how nicely it took it off.  My favorite thing about this is that if I just want to take off the polish on one or two of my nails, I can do that without ruining the other nails (like if I want to put on an accent nail or something). 

If you want to get some of these awesome nails, they are buy 3 get 1 free for the solids, glitter and designs.  The french tips are buy one get one free!  Go here to get yours today! 

Here is a fun video to see how easy they are to apply!