Friday, September 15, 2017

Color STREET New Fall Catalog

Color Street has been "open" now for three months, which means that it's time for a NEW CATALOG!!  The launch was amazing and it has gotten crazy popular in such a short time.  (Don't know what Color Street is all about, check out my post introducing it!)  These nails are super easy to apply, don't need any heat or tools to apply and only take a few minutes, plus no dry time!  Seriously, they are amazing!!

With every new catalog, there are some designs that didn't make the cut, here are the ones that won't be available once they have sold out.

It's sad to see they go, but it's excited to see the new ones!  These are the new designs that are available now!

These new glitter ones are to die for, I LOVE them!  The glitter ones are my favorite and I can't wait to order some
Since it's fall now, it's time to think about the holidays!  Well the Halloween ones are available now and the other holiday ones will be available soon!

Here is a little preview of all of the nails that I have worn, they look AMAZING on and I just love them.  They last for a really long time and don't fall off, you take them off with nail polish.  I had a set on for 17 days once!  

If you haven't tried Color Street yet, you need to!  They are awesome and a total game changer!