Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Christmas Neighbor Gift Idea- DIY Small Farmhouse Signs

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I know it's just October and it's too early to be posting about Christmas (who I am kidding, it's never too early!!) but I was just too excited not to post about it.  Plus it's never to early to start thinking about Christmas before the chaos begins.  Every year I do some kind of neighbor gift for my friends and neighbors.  It seems like every year I am trying really hard to not eat sugar or I am on some kind of diet, so the idea of giving out baked goods and treats for neighbor gifts doesn't sound like a good idea.  I have always liked to give some kind of unique gift that I make that is practical or super cute :).  Well I thought that these little farmhouse signs would be great for neighbor gifts this year.  They are small (about 6x6 inches) so they will easily be able to go on a shelf or a table.  Plus I love these little signs, they are just so much fun so I think other people will like them too!

I made a video of how I made the manager one, so you can see all the details in it.  I did do a few pictures to show the process to.  I love making these signs with vinyl because the possibilities are endless (and you don't have to have great handwriting or be an artist :D). 

I used a 1x6 for the boards and I cut them into squares (which makes them roughly 5.5x5.5 inches).  For the frames I cut out 1x2 wood (I didn't use exact measurements, I used each board to make the measurement).  The frames were cut roughly to 5.5 inches and 7 inches (two of each size).

Then I painted them white.  Then I cut out some vinyl with my Silhouette CAMEO and took off the image to make a stencil.  I made 4 different designs but all of them are fairly simple so they work on the small board. 

You can get the cut file for Silhouette for these 4 images here:

I then put the vinyl onto the board and then painted them.  

I then took off the vinyl and did a few touch ups around the words and designs. 

  I then stained it a pretty espresso color and then nailed it onto the board with a brad nailer, I used 1 1/4" brad nails.

And that's it!  Aren't they so much fun?  I love them all, I seriously can't decide which one I like the most. 

I love that these two have a little pop of color, so great for Christmas!
I also like to stain the back of the sign too, just to give it a finished look.  Plus if it's on a table, it just looks better with the back stained too.

Here is what the sign looks like on a table with some Christmas decor.  So fun.  I love that it goes with basically anything!


Michelle J. said...

Those are adorable! Good job!

Dawn Heath said...

I love these!! One long do you let the paint dry before you remove the vinyl stencil?

Kaysi said...

Thanks! 30 minutes or so but I have been known to get a hair dryer to make it dry faster