Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Halloween Monsters Corner Bookmarks with Free Printable

My kids always ask me for some kind of bookmark and I decided it was time to make them some super fun and cute ones!  I love the look of these corner bookmarks, they are just so much fun!  These Halloween corner bookmarks are SUPER easy to make that the kids could do it!  All you have to do is print them out and then fold them and they are good to go :).  

I made up three different designs.  You can get there here:
This is how I made them:
Print out the design that you want and then cut out the square with a paper trimmer.  When you are cutting it, you will want to cut inside the black line (just barely inside, as close as you can without cutting on the line). 

Here is the square all cut out. 

First you fold the square on the diagonal. 

Then you flip it over and then fold the corner to match the top corner. 

Do that to the other side, this is what it should look like. 

Open up the flaps and then fold over down the triangle as pictured. 

Now you will put the flap back over, but you will fold the flap into the triangle that you just folded under. 

Do that to the next flap and so you get this. 

Cut out the triangles for the teeth (it's part on the printable) and then glue onto the bookmark. 

And that's it!  It's super easy to do once you figure out how to fold it :)!

Here is a video to show how to fold them so it makes a little more sense. 

Now my kids have book marks for their reading.  I love how it looks on the corner of the page. 

Here is the spiderweb design, I think this one is so cute!

And here is Frankenstein! 

I loved these bookmarks so much that I decided to make some Harry Potter ones too!

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