Thursday, October 12, 2017

Harry Potter Corner Bookmark with Printable

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Yesterday I made some super fun Halloween corner bookmarksI loved them so much thought that it would be fun to make up some other ones.  I thought what would be perfect for a bookmark?  A book character!  Harry Potter is one of my all time favorite book series, so I thought that I needed to make up a Harry Potter corner bookmark.  I love how these turned!  I made them two different ways, one with a printable and one using card stock and vinyl.  Both are super easy to do and both are super cute! 

This is how I made them:
First you will need to print out the design, you can get that here:

This is what it looks like when you print it out.  

The first thing that you will do is cut it out with a paper trimmer.  You don't want to cut on the lines, instead you want to cut just barely inside the lines.

Next you will fold the square on the diagonal.  Don't worry if the paper didn't line up perfectly, it's more important to get the face to line up. 

Next you will flip it over and then fold the side up, to make a square. 

Next you will fold over the other side to match up the face.  Try to match up the face as best as possible. 

Open up the flaps and then fold down the triangle. 

Now fold the flap back over and tuck the tip of it under the triangle. 

Take the over flap and tuck it until the triangle.  Now for the scarf, it's part of the printable.

Cut out the scarf, I left a little bit of white on the top so I had more surface area to glue. 

Glue the scarf into the inside of the bookmark.  And that's it!  Super easy to do, especially this way.  All you have to do is print and fold. 

Here is a quick video to show you how to fold and make the bookmark from the printable. 

Now for the other way.  This way I used vinyl.  You can get the Silhouette studio file here:
 This way takes a little longer but it's worth it.  With this one I started with a blank square that I cut 6x6 inches.  Then I cut out the face of Harry using my Silhouette CAMEO and vinyl. For the triangle, I cut out some cream cardstock.  I started with a 3x3 inch square and then cut it on the diagonal to make the triangle. 

I folded the 6x6 square into the bookmark (I did it the same way as I did the printed one).

Then I put all the of the vinyl pieces on to the triangle and glued the scarf onto the back of the triangle. 

Then I glued the face onto the bookmark.  And that's it!  Isn't it so cute and fun?!

Here is a video to show how I did the bookmark this way. 

Here is how they look onto the Harry Potter books.  So cute, huh?  I love them!

Here is the printed one.

And here is the one made with vinyl :).