About me

Hi and welcome to my blog!  I'm so glad that you stopped by.  Let me introduce myself, I'm Kaysi,

and I'm a stay at home Mom to five wonderful kids.

I have four fun and active boys, ages 12,10, 8 and 4 and one beautiful girl who is 6. They keep me busy and on my toes. There is never a dull moment with my 5 kids!

I have been married to one amazing and patient man for 14 years. He puts up with me and my crazy ideas and he just smiles when I start a sentence, "so I had this idea...."

I am just your average SAHM who loves to craft and do anything crafty. I'm from a very crafty and creative family, so it's in my blood! :)  I am the youngest of 9 kids (still not sure how my parents raised 9 kids, I'm struggling with 5).  Because I was the youngest of so many kids, I have a huge desire to be unique.  I want to be different and stand out!

Sometimes as a SAHM the days become kinda blah and the creating keeps my mind active and gets me excited about doing things. Doing something crafty is just so much better to do than cleaning and changing diapers :)

Here a just a few facts about me:
~I love green, all shades of it
~I'm addicted to chocolate
~I'm not very girlie at all, I rarely do myself up but I do love to get dressed up every once in awhile
~I love running (when I get the time), I've done some half marathons and hope to do a full someday soon
~I still get intimidated by some sewing projects, I'm still a beginner.
~I'm a very social person.  I would hangout with friends and family every day of the week if I could.
~I am a very real person.  What you see is what you get :).  I like to tell you how it is, the good, the bad and the ugly.
~I love sleeping.  When people ask what my favorite hobby is, I say sleeping.  I just don't get enough of it!

I love simple and easy crafts. I especially love doing a craft that I know anyone can make.  I love to teach others how to make them, so you will find lots of tutorials, even if it's a super easy thing to make. I love to hear that I have inspired someone to get out of their comfort zone and make something, it totally brightens my day.

I also love creating amazing, easy and yummy recipes that are perfect for families!  Especially ones with picky eaters, like mine.  The majority of my recipes are quick, because I don't have all day to cook dinner, I have a lot of things that I have to do.

I also like to share tips about family and life in general.  After having 5 kids, I have learned a thing or two, so I like to share with you to see if I can help simplify your life.

My goal of this blog is to inspire people to create something that they wouldn't normally create.  I want to inspire people to get out of their comfort zone and try to make new things.  I hope by the time you finish reading one of my tutorials you will think to yourself, "I can make that!".  

I have been blogging for more than 7 years now, so I have a lot of awesome ideas on my blog!  Check out some of my favorite ideas and projects I have done!  I have separated them into some different categories :)

Keeping It Simple Keeping It Simple Keeping It Simple Keeping It Simple Keeping It Simple Keeping It Simple Keeping It Simple Keeping It Simple


Camille Beckstrand said...

We found your blog...soooo cute!! We would love to have you link up to our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday" at sixsistersstuff.com to share your cute pillows and other fun ideas. We are also hosting a Build Your Blog Conference in Salt Lake City on Feb 16, 2013. You can find a link on our blog or go to buildyourblogconference.com. We hope to hear from you soon! -The Sisters

Curt said...

still trying to figure out why you wanted to go so far out. Crafty but craft supplies so far away???
well, i wish you and your cute family the very best in this adventure.

Jane said...

Hi Kaysi, love your blog! Can you add our Friday link party - Frugalicious Friday to your list? Here's the url... http://www.findingfabulousblog.com

Thanks so much!
Finding Fabulous

Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke Photography said...

2 hours from a Wal-Mart, wow!!! Just found you, excited to read along;)

Corinne Dunn said...

I love the simplicity of your blog! So cute! I enjoy discovering blogs that are close to where I live. I'm just a state down in Kansas!

Monica Pruett said...

Nice to meet you via blog hopping!

Beautiful Blog.


JoDee Mason said...

Nice to meet you! I am also the youngest of 9 kids! Reading your bio made me laugh- my hubby does the same thing every time I say "I have an idea..." or "I've been thinking..." lol

Have a great day! Hope to see you around in the future!

Trace said...

Hi, as was already mentioned I like the simple frank honesty of your blog! Where do you get the time to?? Wow you are a very busy woman with all those beautiful babies for sure! Will visit again soon and maybe link when I get a project ready... you've inspired me for my blog. I thought if you can do it surely I should as my kids are grown and gone! Thank-you for showing me that.

Rebecca said...

How neat to live on a cattle farm away from everything! I would love that!

I found your site through a comment that you jest left over on Everyday Ramblings on a post about our twins.

Nice to meet you.

Stop by anytime!
Rebecca http://everydayramblingswithrebecca.blogspot

Mónica Ortiz said...

Hi, My name is Monica and I'm from Mexico City.
I love your blog and green as well.

Cecelia Maestas said...

Hello! I found your blog through pinterest. I am going to make your snowman soaps for my mom's elderly neighbors this year. Can you tell me what cartridge you used to cut the nose and the circles. I cannot get my circles that small. Thanks for your help!

Linda Lawrey said...

I love your crafts! I would love to make the monthly tiles. I have a cricut and noticed you did yours on a silhouette. Is there anywhere you can share the files from your silhouette with me? I am trying to duplicate them on my cricut but is is slow going! I understand if you don't want to but thanks in advance.

WearyHag said...

Your blog is so exciting and inspiring! I'm new to it but plan to make it part of my weekly diet ... An awful lot of your self description sounds just like me, at a younger age. You're a lovely, beautiful mom and wife and though I wish to try some of your crafty ideas, I'm afraid I have trouble making a straight line with a ruler! :) I am directing my daughter to your blog as she is an awesomely, creative artist, always looking for new ventures. Thanks for being out here! (let's hear it for the GREENS!!)

Gloria Finley said...

i want to know with the colored shades can it be removed and do another for the seasons or just because?? and how do i do it. i love these.
globuggone-gloria finley

Sara Rawson said...

So glad I found your blog. I just looked through your tutorials and was inspired by a bunch of your projects! Going back to pin them so I'll remember them. We got married in the San Diego temple too:)
Sara @ finditfixitorbuildit.com

Little Vintage Cottage said...

Hello Kaysi, I'm so glad I found you! I live in Kennewick as well and blog at www.littlevintagecottage.com.