Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Whatever Wednesday:Washer Necklace

I am not a girly girl, I rarely do my hair, wear makeup or wear jewelry. I wish that I was the type of girl that could pull off the cute headbands and earrings but I can't. I can never find the type or color of jewelry that I want to wear and when I do find it, it's more than I want to pay. So when I saw the idea to make a necklace out of a washer, I really liked the idea. It's cheap and I could do whatever worked for my personality. Plus, I can make several and match them to outfits. So here's the one that I made. It's not prefect, but I still like it :)
I have seen these all over, so here are a few sites that give tutorials.


Misty said...

It turned out cute!!

Amanda K said...

Yeah! It turned out super cute! I am so glad you did it and had fun with it! I like how you added the bead. I need to make some more and do that! Cute. Cute!


Danielle said...

Hey, it's got green! That must be a Kaysi necklace :)
Looks really cute! Good job!

Pat Newton said...

Now that's my kind of necklace--super cute!

Jane said...

This necklace is super cool! And yes, neutral enough that you could wear it with jeans and a that!