Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ikea chevron turquoise bar stool

There are a few stores that I just absolutely love and could just spend hours in there just looking around.  Ikea is one of those stores.  The first time I went there was in September (so a year ago).  I just remember being so confused because I didn’t realize that there was a marketplace and a showroom (I just went to the marketplace).  I know how better and love going there.  Every time I go in, I find something else that I just love and want to have!!

This past weekend, the Ikea in Draper got in some NEW products!!! They have some amazing textiles and the colors are just so much fun!!  Plus, they now have solar panels!
ikea new textiles (1)
I just adore that couch and the hanging lamp!ikea new textiles (2)
Love all the red!!!!
ikea new textiles (3)
You know how much I love green and yellow!!!  The pictures on the wall, amazing!!
ikea new textiles (4)

The new 2013 catalog is coming out soon and it's awesome (we got one and I was drooling looking at it!).

So while I was there, I had to pick up something for my new house since the closest Ikea will be 5 hours away.   We just got rid of the chairs that we were using for our bar and Ikea has some great bar stools, and such a variety!   So I decided to get a couple of barstools.  This one is the one that I fell in love with:

STIG Bar stool with backrest IKEA Stackable; saves space when not in use. Footrest for extra sitting comfort.
I loved almost everything about it, the shape, the size, the price.  Everything but the black.  I love black, it’s a great color, I just don’t decorate with it, it’s too dark.  So I decided to paint it and put on a chevron pattern, to brighten up my new kitchen!

ikea chevron turquoise barstool (14)
Here’s the before….
ikea chevron turquoise barstool (8)
This is how I did it:
I got some paint at Lowes.  Now you may think to yourself, do I really need a primer?  Well I will tell you that you HAVE  to use one with plastic.  I tried to cut corners and guess what happened…….
ikea chevron turquoise barstool (4)
The paint just peeled right off.  So I thought to myself, maybe I can just use the primer over the paint…..
ikea chevron turquoise barstool (5)
And that just made it sticky and it stuck to my fingers and peel off even more….   So don’t cut corners like I did.  Buy the primer and put it on first.  Because if you don’t, you will waste money and time like I did….
ikea chevron turquoise barstool (6)
So, here is the plastic all painted (the right way).
ikea chevron turquoise barstool (7)
Now for the chevron pattern.  I used my CAMEO for that. I need the pattern to be 20 inches long, so I used the 12x24 mat.
ikea chevron turquoise barstool (9)
I love this pattern!
ikea chevron turquoise barstool (11)
I put the chevron onto the seats.  It didn’t really work for the back, so I just kept it on the seats.
ikea chevron turquoise barstool (12)
And now for the building of the bar stool.
ikea chevron turquoise barstool (13)
And now I have a fun, bright bar stool for my new kitchen. 
ikea chevron turquoise barstool (1)
They look a little out of place in my current kitchen (there’s not hope for that outdated kitchen….) but when I paint my new kitchen yellow (or at least a yellow accent wall) they are going to look much better! 
ikea chevron turquoise barstool (3)
But I’m thinking about getting some of the taller barstools also and making them yellow, what do you think?  I know that this trip to Ikea was not my last, love that store!!!


Janelle MacKay said...

Wow! You are such a brave girl to tackle that. I don't think of those things. Great job! Janelle @ Emmaline Bags

Just Simply Live said...

That looks so great. Good job

Vanessa Barker said...

I love it! Seriously your fun chairs lately are great!!

Valerie@Occasionally Crafty said...

We bought my daughter a desk from there that ended up being too tall. I think that barstool might be just perfect for the desk- but I will paint it pink! Thanks for the tips!

eltocadordecenicienta said...

Oh, I have just realize that Ikea doesn´t sell same articles in different countries! Really fun , not even the showroom looks similar to those here, (Madrid)
Even thought, I must agree whith you, I can spend the whole day there, and now that they are in sale time...
XOXO Olga♥
El tocador de Cenicienta

marissa said...

great minds think a like I grabbed one of those stools too! You're so speedy I'm impressed. I love what you did with it so pretty :)

rae gun ramblings

Motivated Mommy of two said...

I love IKEA, always so inspiring

laura@imnotatrophywife.com said...

Love your blog. Just wanted to let you know that your Linky dashboard needs to be updated manually.
here is a post I did on this recently...http://imnotatrophywife.blogspot.com/2012/07/linky-followersbloggers-need-to.html

Hope this helps! laura@imnotatrophywife.com

twelve-O-eight said...

Ikea, if only I could get locked inside when you close for the night. The food, playing with the decor, and eating as much Swedish chocolate as I can :) What an awesome redo! Thank you for always sharing easy but beautiful projects :)


Shannah @ Just Us Four said...

Oh, I love visiting Ikea. We are headed there this weekend to buy some cabinets for our basement wet bar and I can't wait. My list is growing fast :)

Kathleen said...

Wow, those turned out great! The closest ikea is a few hours away from me, so sadly I've never been. I'm hoping to make the trip sometime soon because I love seeing all the projects people come up with using their products!

Kathleen @ projectsatthepicketts.blogspot.com

Sugarr2518 said...

Loving the chevron stripes and the color is so pretty!!!

Louise Kelly said...

I have a weakness for all things chevron lately.... these chairs are gorgeous!!!

Stacy said...

U Glossed over the part I wanted to know about. How did u put the chevron on the seats? Vinyl? Did u paint it on after making the pattern??

Kaysi @ Keeping it Simple said...

Hi Stacy, the chevron is vinyl and I just put it right onto the seat and left it there. You can spray over the vinyl with an acrylic glaze to help keep it there :)

Shannon said...

So cute! I love the color and chevron design. Better than you could buy! :)

Lauren Tien said...

I love love love how these barstools turned out. Great project! I love how they are modern yet retro feeling.

Emma said...

They look awesome! Thanks for sharing your tips on painting plastic- I have never seen plastic primer before! I'm sure that will save me some troubles in the future- thank you!

Kathy Penney said...

Love the color and the chevrons! A great makeover!

Heidi @ Moms Crafty Space said...

Super cute!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Love the color! So bright and fresh looking. :) Great job!

Amanda said...

Fun idea! Most people wouldn't think to dress up new stools, smart. :)

Nicole@Show Off Friday said...

That looks amazing! Great job!

Summer said...

These turned out great, Kaysi! Love them! Can't wait to see them in your kitchen with the yellow. I'll be featuring it on my blog on Saturday.


Thanks for linking up!


Michelle@Somedaycrafts said...

Thanks so much for sharing with us om the Someday Crafts Facebook page. I am featuring your project today on Facebook Friends Friday. Thanks for the inspiration!

mrs. r said...

Totally cute! I love the chevron touch.

Melissa Padgett said...

So cute...we were thinking about getting these. I love them (and their price). So glad I came across your blog because I wanted to paint them too...thanks for the tips on the primer! Now to convince the Mr. to take me to the Atlanta Ikea to get some!

pyhsiao said...

Just came across your blog today. I'm thinking about getting these same stools, but like you, didn't love the color selection. Just curious...how is the paint holding up so far?

Unknown said...

Just curious...how is the paint holding up? (Thanks for the great idea!)

Heather Roberts said...

Are these stools comfy? I have searched the web for a review and can't find one. Would like to order 10 but am hesitant...we do not have an ikea here for me to see them in person first. I'm mainly in love with the price!

Alyson said...

Are you happy with these stools? They are so reasonably priced. Did they hold up?

Quanessa Blatch said...

Yes! I am glad to have come across this tutorial. Although, I will only be painting the metal frame for the STIG barstools. Do you think I should use primer on that part? Are yours still holding up? Thanks again