Friday, August 31, 2012

Guest post: TwelveOEight

Hi everyone! I am so excited to be here with you at Keeping It Simple today.  My name is Tanya, and I am sharing my latest project with you from my blog twelveOeight.  I am a busy SAHM to four awesome kids, and like Kaysi, love projects that are fun, easy to do, and all of us can make.   Being a crafty mama who knows we don't have a ton of time, makes her fantastic in my book.  Thank you for having me over Kaysi!

I am a trash to treasure girl at heart, and love a good deal.  I recently made chalkboard labels you won't believe how quick they are to make (I will admit that my chalkboard collection is a bit excessive at this point, but come on, they are soooo cute!) Ok, back to the our table.  This little table has brought a great pop of color into my entry way and was very easy, here is what I did.

I found this little table at a local thrift store for eight dollars.  It was missing a couple small decorative pieces on one side, I quickly decided that would be the back of the table, and she was mine!  I have wanted to change my entry table for a while (about 3.5 years) and this is just what I needed.  An inexpensive, solid table, with potential.

After applying spray paint primer to the table, I applied two coats of Krylon flat spray paint in white allowing each to dry well between applications.  Next, I used wide painter's tape (I did not measure, I also do not usually read directions when putting things together.  I am a rebel like that) and using a dry foam brush, loaded this beautiful acrylic goldenrod color in wide stripes in the areas not covered by tape. 

I love distressed and shabby furniture, and when I am unable to bring a contrasting shade forward, I like to reverse distress the project.  But this table had a great dark finish under the paint so a little while later when the paint was dry,  I removed the tape and she is almost done.  Using a small detail brush, I touched up the areas that I had missed with the foam brush.


I used a square of fine sandpaper along the edges, and voila! My new entry table was done.  It's really that easy.  Thank you so much for coming along on my trash to treasure adventure with me, I hope I have brought you a bit of thrifty inspiration today. 

Happy thrifting, creating, & hugs
xoxo, Tanya