Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012- Lego Style!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Halloween last night!  We had a ton of fun!  And now I finally get to show off our costumes that I made.  We went as Legos!  Since I like to do a family theme, I knew that this was something that my boys would agree on and my two younger wouldn’t mind.  Through the process I was really nervous about how they were looking, but in the end I think they turned out pretty good!
lego Halloween (4)2
Me and my husband.  I just was a girl and my husband was a robber.  By this time, his costume had broken, oops.  For my head I glued on a ton of yarn for the hair and then decorated the body with sparkly vinyl for the necklace.  For my husband I used paint to make the “beard” and then a beanie for the hat. 
lego Halloween (12)
The fire fighter, I love vinyl and how easy it is to use!  I just made a badge for him.  He the top part of his head, I used a bowl and spray painted it yellow. 
lego Halloween (33)
The police man.  I did the same thing as my older son’s costume.  He wanted yellow hands, so I spray painted some white gloves because I couldn’t find yellow ones anywhere. 
lego Halloween (40)
The yellow Lego.  I just took a square box, cut some holes for his head and arms.  For the circles, I used a cardboard tube that I vinyl in.  I of course had to add the Lego word on each circle. 
lego Halloween (14)
The blue Lego, I did the same thing are the yellow one.  This is actually a wipe box, it was perfect size for her.  The circles are also from cardboard tubes that I get vinyl in.
legohalloween (29)
It took a lot of time and patience and a whole lot of spray paint.  Cardboard soaks up the spray paint, so I put a layer of acrylic paint on first and then spray painted it.  I just used clear tape to tape the cardboard together and the hot glue to glue on the circles. 

My favorite part of the costume, we didn’t see anyone else dressed up as Legos Smile

lego Halloween (10)
Wondering how I made the heads?  I took an 8” cardboard tube and cut it to the right lengths and then cut eye holes.  I found it at the home improvement store with the concrete.  That’s what it’s supposed to be used for.  I only needed one for the four of us!

I would love it if you follow along!


the cape on the corner said...

that is hilarious, and so creative! you rock!

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LOVE them thats awesome :)

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Awesome! Pinning!

Kari @ The Purple Quiltapotamus said...

That is the cutest family Halloween costume idea - EVER!! So cute!

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Those are soooo cute! Great job. :)

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Great job with these--love them!

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you are all adorable!!! said...

These are costume contest award worthy! So creative - great job. I love that you and your husband dressed up too :)

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Oh my goodness... these costumes are the cutest things I've ever seen! I love them!

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those turned out amazing, so so cute!

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What a cute idea. You guys all look great.