Monday, October 14, 2013

NickMom: Comedy just for us Moms

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Being a mom is one of the hardest and most stressful jobs.  You don't get a break or sick days.  There are days that I don't get a break at all, I mean even when I'm going to the bathroom.  There are so many times that I have been sitting on the toilet and a couple kids just burst into the bathroom and then ask what I'm doing.... so fun. Or I am taking a shower and my son looks up at my chest and asks me, "What are those?".  But at the same time is it the best job in the world and it really can be the funnest job too.  Having 5 kids I have to have a sense of humor.  Especially with my boys, it's a must. 

For example, just a week ago my 4 year old woke up in the middle of the night and ran into the bathroom.  Instead of going to pee in there, he decided that he needed to run out of the bathroom into his room.  Then he opened up the middle drawer of his dresser, peed in there and then went back to sleep.  When the next day came, I just had to sit back and just laugh about it.  I have to laugh every time I spot him peeing off of something, the deck, the trampoline, the car in our driveway... the list goes on and on.  

As moms we have to give up our bodies for our kids.  It's always fun to see what kind of body functions you can't control because of it.  Like when you sneeze and that makes you toot and pee at the same time because the muscles are a little "loose".   And of course that doesn't just happen in the privacy of your own home, it has be to in public around your friends.  We've all been there, right?  

I seriously love mom humor.  I love to hear funny jokes about things that I can relate to.  At our house we watch a lot of Nick Jr.  And I mean a lot.  It is what is babysitting my kids right now as I write this up. My 2 year old can sing all the theme songs of the shows. There are a lot of commercials for NickMom on there and I enjoy watching them. They are funny, plus I can really relate to them. There is one commercial that a pregnant mom is talking about how she has read lots of books to get ready for the baby and how she is going to get her baby to sleep through the night at 6 weeks. And another lady with a newborn just laughs at her and tells her good luck.  I'm still working on my kids sleeping through the night and they are 6, 4, and 2!  

At NickMom they have a bunch of cartoons like this one.  It's funny to think about what snack time says about you.

There are some that I completely relate to.  The yogurt and cookie one, trying to give them something healthy but you want them to actually eat something for snack too.  Or the soda and cupcake, I do that right before my husband gets home and the second he walks into the door I lock myself in my room and let him deal with the hyper and happy kids and I get to be the cool parent for giving them what they want.  I just have to laugh at the Bento Box one.... that is called Pinterest for me.  When you get on there and you see all the fun and healthy snack ideas and you secretly hate the person because it makes you look so bad....

Here's an example of something that I would give my kids for snacks.  The marshmallows just scream, "I want to be a cool mom!".  

I think that they could totally do another cartoon with the different pictures of the snacks you give your kids and the snacks that you eat.  You know, the kids get an apple and you get a candy bar.  Or when you give your kids something that is all natural and organic and make them eat it, as you sit there watching them while snacking on a bag of chips.  If you're like me, you say something like "Now you can only have one cookie" and as I am saying it, I stuff my fourth cookie in my mouth.

What does your snack say about you?  Are you taking things seriously?  Or are you trying to be the cool mom?    You should check out the other cartoons at NickMom, they really are funny and I think we can always use a good laugh and be #MotherFunny.  


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brenda o said...

oh the peeing in the drawer brought back the memory of my brother going downstairs, spitting in the toilet, climbing the stairs, trning around on the landing and peeing down the stairs, resuming the trek back to bed. the only reason we knew that he was spitting in the toilet was that my father followed him after this up and down the stairs and peeing from the landing happened more than once and he wanted to see what was going on. this knowledge did not help with the cleanup my mother had to do every am. when she finally decided he needed to do it himself the habit quit.?????????????????

Summer @ Banana Hammocks & Tutus said...

OMG I cannot believe your son peed in the drawer! That is HILARIOUS! My 2 year old son pees in bushes, parking lots, and on tires ALL THE TIME. He dropped trou in front of my daughter's preschool one day, and just whipped it out for the entire world to see. I couldn't believe it. I don't know why I was surprised, but I was. BOYS!