Thursday, November 7, 2013

Personalized Turkey Placemats #TurkeyTableScapes

Disclosure: I was provided with supplies for this post.  All opinions, ideas and content are 100% my own.

When it comes to Thanksgiving, the first thing I think about is the meal.  I think about how it's fun to have place settings at the table and have it all decorated, ready for the meal.  Now that we are starting to get bigger and older as a family, we are having Thanksgiving alone at our house.  This will be our first Thanksgiving completely alone, so I thought I would make us something special.  So I made all 7 of us our own personalized turkey placemat.
personalized turkey placemats
I headed to Jo-Ann store and picked up some amazing fabric.  I seriously had so much fun that day, they were having a huge sale and I ended up getting a lot of this fabric for only $2.50/yard. Plus I just love the colors.  I got 1 yard (which was more than plenty) of fabric that was used for the turkey.  1 1/2 yards of the cream and 2 yards of the leaves.
personalized turkey placemats (1)
For the inner part of the placemat, I just used cream fabric.  I cut it to 10 x 14 1/2 inches.
personalized turkey placemats (2)
For all the parts of the turkey, I used the heat bond paper.  I ironed the fabric onto the rough side of the paper first and then cut the shapes out.
personalized turkey placemats (3)
Then for the various shapes, I traced and cut them out with scissors.  You could use an electronic cutter, but since they were easy shapes I did it myself.
personalized turkey placemats (4)
Here are the other parts that I cut out, the head and feathers. I made a pattern out of paper and then trace it onto the fabric.
personalized turkey placemats (5)
I then ironed the whole turkey onto the cream fabric.
personalized turkey placemats (6)

Here it is, with the face.  I love how it looks!
personalized turkey placemats (9)
Next I sewed the turkey on.  You probably don't have to do this but because I want these to last I did.  I didn't do the face though, they were a little too small for me.
personalized turkey placemats (10)

For the back of placemat, I cut out a piece of fabric that was 18x22 inches.

personalized turkey placemats (11)
I ironed down about a 1/2 inch all around the fabric.  Then I folded it until it overlapped the cream fabric.  For the corners, I folded in corner.  Then I folded the next side to overlap the cream fabric.  I then sewed it all around.
personalized turkey placemats (13)
I cut out some heat transfer vinyl with my cutter and then ironed it onto the border.
personalized turkey placemats (14)
And that's it!!  I love how they turned out.  I love the turkey, I'm thinking I might make a pillow just like these.
personalized turkey placemats (16)
Here is our table with all 7 placemats.  I'm getting excited about Thanksgiving!!
personalized turkey placemats (17)



Absolutely adorable, wow, you are one talented lady! I love, love them, they look awesome! Thanks for sharing.


YES, make pillows too, Kysi and I love the materials you chose too!

brooknwlrt said...

LOVE them...making one for my little one ASAP! thanks for all the great ideas =)

Coleen said...

Those are so stinkin' cute! You make it look so easy!

Mindy said...

Did you make Christmas ones?

Marilyn Clark said...

Theses placemats are super cute! I gave it a shout out so hopefully more people will stop by and see it!